As we come into summer, we’re all about beach trips, days spent by the pool, summer night parties, long lunches, and over-indulging a little bit – after all, that’s what the festive season is all about! However, it’s also the perfect time to pay a little extra attention to how we can maintain balance throughout our lives.

To learn how we can better prepare our bodies for beach trips, the silly season, and New Year celebrations, we spoke with Lisa Martens of Studio Pilates Grange to learn her top five tips for maintaining balance throughout the busiest time of the year. As part of the Studio Pilates family, Studio Pilates Grange is a franchise of Reformer Pilates studios that boast a new era of workouts. Their fast-paced 40-minute high intensity, low impact workouts are created to strengthen and sculpt the body and are local favourites for those trying to fit an action-packed workout into their busy lives.

Read on to discover what Lisa had to say about bringing balance into your lifestyle this summer!


What’s your top nutrition tip for taking care of your health & wellness during summer?
Aim to eat to nourish your body for optimal energy and wellness. We are all unique and our bodies all respond differently to various foods. It can be overwhelming with so many contradictory dietary recommendations out there, but do yourself a life-long favour and invest the time in learning what foods work best for you to nourish your body!

What’s your favourite exercise to get your body ready for summer? And then during summer, how do you like to maintain your health?
Reformer based Pilates is my number one for toning. I aim for 3-4 sessions a week and supplement this with cardio sessions. This may vary from HITT sessions to a run or a walk depending on how I am feeling that day.

As it is the party season, how do you maintain a balance between indulgence and wellness?
I try to follow the 80/20 rule – choosing wholefoods and preparing my own food most of the time and allowing room for indulgences on social occasions. Enjoying your favourite cheese and glass of wine with your friends, or having a piece of your Aunty’s home-made pudding can be nourishing for your soul and happiness. In contrast, having the fourth biscuit from the tin at work isn’t going to make you feel great. Be selective and mindful in your indulgences and enjoy them.

What makes Pilates such an effective way to get your body ready for summer?
Reformer Pilates is absolutely effective at improving muscle tone to get your body ready for summer. However, it is my hope that people can experience the benefits beyond the aesthetic that makes it truly effective in supporting overall health and wellbeing.

With regular practice, reformer Pilates will assist you to build core strength, increase body awareness, improve mood, posture, flexibility and coordination to move efficiently in everyday life. With reformer-based Pilates, you get a challenging, all over body workout without the stress on the joints and bones. With the ability to adjust the spring resistance, Pilates can benefit everyone from elite athletes to people wanting to maintain strength and mobility in later life. No reason for everyone to not give it a try!

When you’re not doing Pilates, how do you like to keep active during summer?
In summer I love being outside doing anything active. I have a young daughter, so going for a bike ride with her and my husband on the weekends is one of my favourite things to do. If I have spare time you will find me near the beach, either walking along the sand or out on a paddleboard.

How are you choosing to get ready for the silly season? If you want to experience the full-benefits of reformer Pilates in your life, be sure to get in touch with Lisa and her team today.

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