Stress and relationship breakdown - do you even love you?

Stress and relationship breakdown - do you even love you?

Phoenix Physique's Lauren Hamm discusses why loving yourself is the most important part of being healthy, especially when everyday life can be causing you more stress than you realise.

By Phoenix Physique | 28th May 2015

Health and Fitness is not all about sweat and calories. It’s about being at our optimal health mentally, physically and emotionally. The thing with this is, we struggle to recognise when we are doing well and feeling good because we’ve become so out of touch with our bodies. We’ve become completely reactive to stress, day to day stimulus, bad food, work, financial difficulty and as a result most of us feel awful. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. So what affect does this have on our physical self?

Perhaps the most crucial elements to our health, as human beings are feeling adequate, loved, accepted and nourished. The importance of this becomes outstandingly obvious when I see my clients beating themselves up and listening to the negative distorted perception they have of themselves. The relationship you have with yourself will directly represent the way you treat your body and your health.

Often, it is hard for clients to make the link between the condition of their bodies and their health with how unhappy they are or even the lack of respect they have for themselves. There is a definite lack of a crucial human need. Our health and bodies can also be a direct reflection of the stress we have in our lives and how we choose to tackle it. We live in a world where stress runs our lives. Stress seems innocent enough until we look at the impact it has on mood, weight loss, energy and brain function. Can we really expect to live a happy and healthy lifestyle if we don't address what’s causing all of this stress?

I fear that we are currently living in a world where looking good means putting our optimal health at risk. With a constant influx of information from the media, the air brushing, the ‘perfect’ skin, the ‘amazing bodies’ and of course Princess Kate 24 hrs after having a baby, looking flawless, it is no wonder you feel a sense of pressure to look ‘better’, right? I disagree. The time has come to embrace ourselves, to love ourselves, stop making comparisons and to be both grateful and proud of what your amazing body has achieved. If you're now speaking my language, I am sure you want to know how we do this… Change your mindset. Consciously, tell yourself how incredible your body is, how beautiful you look, how intelligent you are, even if you don't believe it just yet. Set powerful goals that make you scared, love your people unconditionally, and find work that inspires you. Eventually, your body will be a reflection of the beautiful, happy, successful person that you are and loving yourself and your life won’t be too hard after all.

Lauren Hamm is a strength and conditioning coach at Phoenix Physique, as well as a personal trainer. She’s passionate about improving the quality of people's lives through Strength Training. 3 years in the industry has created a better understanding for her of the day to day stressors that affect our health and wellbeing. Her main priority is to empower her clients to reach their strongest, fittest and healthiest self.
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Article by Phoenix Physique

Phoenix Physique is a Brisbane-based training facility that believes in creating a better version of you through personal training, body altering classes, and exercise physiology. Phoenix also have a team of massage therapists available by appointment.


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