How You Should Spring Clean Based On Your Horoscope

How You Should Spring Clean Based On Your Horoscope

The stars don’t lie.

By Georgie Murray | 24th September 2019

All the talk about spring cleaning can be overwhelming, am I right? There’s literal cleaning like tidying cupboards, clearing up the cobwebs etc. but then there’s your mind, body, soul, tech and wardrobe cleaning too. I 100% need an entire life spring clean but that’s just a task I’m not ready for so where on earth do I start in the meantime? Well friends, the answer doesn’t lie here on our planet – they lie in the sky with the stars.

Break down the ‘clean’ and tackle one thing at a time based on your star sign. Whether you’re a downright believer, Belieber or somewhere in between, I suggest using the below as an excuse to only do one thing at a time or the least, a starting point.

You’re welcome.

Aries – The Impulsive Purchaser

Twenty-twenty is the time for textures, so if you’re going to spontaneously blow your dough, do so on a floral throw. Adding soft furnishings with floral textures is a great way to signify the start of the sunnier season and a sure way to add depth to any living area, making the room feel larger and more homely. Other great versatile impulse purchases for your living area include rugs, cushions and plants, that are able to be mixed and matched to suit your personal style, and minimise your debt regret.

Taurus - The Practical Gadget Guru

This spring, take your everyday home experience to the next level with a little help from smart home automation and install Arteor with Netatmo, a collection of smart switches and sockets from HPM to help create tailored scenarios to simplify daily life. Compatible with popular digital assistants, just holler a command such as ‘...start the movie’ while Arteor with Netatmo puts the projects screen down, closes the blinds, dims the lights, and even fires up the popcorn machine for the ultimate home cinema experience. The range also allows you to create multi-way switching, without the need for additional wiring, making it possible to add a light switch next to the reclining armchair to avoid fumbling around in the dark when the movie is complete. It’s also a pretty bloody impressive date night move.

Gemini – Adaptable, Yet Busy (parents)

For those who experience scribbles (sorry ‘artwork’) all over the walls from their own little Picasso, you can’t go past updating your living room walls with a quick paint job. Opt for a classic white wall that is easy to live with and use as the base for your personal decorating style. Keeping a neutral colour palate also ensures your home has a fresh and minimalist look, all while being easily cleaned and protected from the splatters of dirt, mud and muck that come with a house of children. If you don’t have kids but fancy a little scribble yourself now and then, channel your inner five year old and just go for it. Yolo.

Cancer – The Imaginative Reconfigurer

Has your current feng shui got you in a funk? A little room arrangement can do wonders for re-invigorating the functionality of any living area. ‘Marie Condo’ any furniture that doesn’t serve a purpose or spark joy and trial making a different item the focal point of the room. Remember not all couches need to point to the tv or be next to a powerpoint (handy, yes but perhaps it’s time to live a little).

Leo – The Life of the Party

Is your couch regularly shifted on a Friday night to make way for the all-important and impromptu dance floor? As the resident entertainer, the last thing you want happening at your party is to have your speakers run out of charge when you’re in the middle of your Britney routine, or struggle to find a compatible cord when you’re ready to spit fire like Drake. To beat this 21st century Dilemma (ft Kelly Rowland), we recommend installing the HPM VIVO Bluetooth Sound Diffusion Kit – an integrated speaker system that connects via Bluetooth to pump up your jams all night long from your kitchen, living area and outdoor entertaining area through sleek and sophisticated installable speakers. Be the DJ and the chef, BOOM!

Virgo – The Suave Sophisticate

Virgos are diligent and hardworking professionals, who put in the hard yards during their nine to five. What better way to enjoy your lavish and luxurious lifestyle than by creating an at home bar, the perfect place to wind down and have a drink at the end of a long day. A bar is a great entertaining excuse to show off your amazing taste in alcohol whether it be sharing Grant Burge’ 2013 vintage Meshach Shiraz at a dinner party or enjoying Starward’s Solera Whisky on the rocks with mates on a quiet night in. Ya-um.

Libra – The Traditionalist

Known for being a little indecisive (I think), Libras often stick to what they know. In renovating terms, this means that sticking to the on-trend, but safe colour palate of blue hues is your new bestie. Don’t stress though, as blue tones are far from boring, instead being an extremely versatile choice that looks brilliant both as a feature wall or on all four walls. Try an Aqua hue for that relaxing crystal water blue feel or a deep Azure tone to give a room a more comforting and warm feel.

Scorpio –  The Bold Adventurer

Scorpios, known for their adventurous side should experiment with bringing the outdoors inside with some grassy greens and jungle hues. The right coloured greens can bring a touch of nature to you and create a soothing or energising space. With the HPM Excel VIVO range you can also be daring and bold with your light switch covers. Try Graphite, Dark Grey or Mint Green to blend seamlessly into your earthy themed home and add a touch of personalisation. Plus, it’s a great way to set the mood (wink, wink).

Sagittarius – The Dreamer

Do you dream about creating spaces that allow your mind to run wild with creativity? A room willed with plants and large glass windows that allow lots of natural light and fresh air to enter your orbit as you drift off to sleep on a day bed or lounge chair is just what you’re after.

Capricorn – Responsible Realist

As a straight shooting Capricorn you like your home to be safe and controlled, even when entertaining outdoors during the festive season. Installing spotlights in your garden will not only make a statement in you outdoor oasis to impress your guests, but double as a safety measure by illuminating any uneven surfaces that can be tricky to see at night. HPM’s adjustable spike spotlights are ideal for up-lighting trees and plants, ponds and any exterior design features.

Aquarius – The Zen Humanitarian

Your inner zen yogi is bursting to come out! It is time to say ‘sayonara’ to all the excess stress that you encounter throughout your home and indulge in some proper me-time. Wipe the slate clean, and de-clutter all the unnecessary trinkets and ornaments filling up your mind’s eye. We also recommend unwinding with a glass of Tea & Wine – a brand new infusion blending together two of the world’s most ancient beverages, therefore saving space in your home and heart.

Pisces – The Star-Crossed Lovers

As the mercury starts to rise, the raging romantic in you is ready to ramp up the romance too. Be sure to sweep your lover(s) off their feet by transforming your pad into a heated haven. Heighten your senses with aromatic candles, dim the lights, and slip into some fresh sheets as your fireplace roars. Spring fling anyone?

Image: Alexa De Paulis


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Article by Georgie Murray

Georgie is a Journalist with a knack for bad jokes and dating disasters. A total open book, there’s no topic off limits for this Rod Stewart enthusiast. Starting her career in Broadcast Journalism, Georgie has since gone back to basics of the written word with a particular love for taboo topics and fashion media.


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