Small Home Hacks That Make A Big Difference

Small Home Hacks That Make A Big Difference

Get that New Year, New Home feel with only a few minor adjustments that have a huge impact.

By Guest Styler | 12th January 2016

You know that feeling you get when you clear your floordrobe and remember how big your room actually is? When you add new accent pieces and accessories and suddenly you’re excited to invite people over? When a little splash of colour in your décor makes the whole house feel fresh and new again?

Small touches CAN make a big difference in changing the feel of your home, and we’ve found the easiest home hacks for 2016 that’ll pack a mighty punch!

1. Go Green

Logan MegaCentre 1

L to R:  Image: Pinterest; Succulent $20, Vast Interiors; and Foliage fiddle leaf fig $37.39, Freedom Furniture

Incorporating natural elements, such as plants, into the home adds a new element of life to existing rooms and décor. Decorative plants can come in all shapes and sizes, as well as maintenance levels, so choose wisely. If you have trouble keeping plants alive, you can go with a succulent or even some faux foliage.

2. New Bedhead = New Room

Logan MegaCentre Bedhead

Memphis scroll bedframe (Queen size) $1099, Snooze

We spend a lot of time in the bedroom, so any change in the room will make a HUGE difference. Bedheads are one item that can make a big impact with a small effort. If you don’t have a bedhead, get one; if you have one, change it. A new bed frame can also be a relatively inexpensive way to update the look of your boudoir.

3. Hang A Mirror

Logan MegaCentre Mirror

L to R:  Image: Pinterest; and Honeycomb copper mirror $90, Rice Furniture

Mount a mirror to a wall opposite a window or light source to add new depth and open up a room completely. This trick works especially well with small rooms or rooms that don’t get much natural light. The ideal placement for a mirror is opposite another open space or facing the outdoors, to bring the illusion of flowing open areas to the room.

4. Add A Lick Of Paint Or Wallpaper


Rooms painted in the 2016 Pantone colours, Serenity and Rose Quartz. Images: Pinterest

We’re not suggesting painting a whole room here. Because let’s face it, painting can be hard work. We suggest painting just ONE wall. With an accent wall, you avoid making the room feel boxed-in or small. You can even move away from single blocks of colour to more textured surfaces, such as painted timber or bricks, wallpaper and tiles. If you need some inspiration Pantone have just announced their Pantone colours of 2016 as Rose Quartz and Serenity, which will work perfectly in home offices, lounge rooms and bedrooms.

5. Install Stylish Storage Solutions


L to R:  Kaval bedside $384.30, Eureka Street Furniture; Seagrass storage baskets from $69.95, Howards Storage World; Replica Anna Castelli 3-door storage unit $59, Fantastic Furniture; and Jake bookcase $499, Bubs Baby Shop

If you’re the type of person who needs a little inspiration (and motivation) to live clean and clutter-free, stylish storage solutions will help! Wall shelving, bookshelves, baskets and side tables can reduce clutter and even become a work of art. Colour coordinate  your belongings, or go for a minimalist look with unique ornaments, flowers and stacks of books in each separate nook or shelf.

6. Dress Up The Entry

Logan MegaCentre rugs

L to R: Chennai range of rugs from $59, Early Settler Furniture; Image: Pinterest; Daisy jute rug $199, Spotlight; and Kita Aztec rug $664.30, Rugs A Million

What do you want people to see and feel when they enter your home? A rug runner can help achieve warm or cool tones to make your entryway more inviting. Rug runners are practical and stylish and can really add the “wow” factor to any first impression. A small hall table with well-placed accessories can also make your home feel both interesting and inviting.

7. Try A House Swap

Trick yourself (and your guests) by rearranging rooms or moving/swapping items around the house, such as cushions, ornaments or picture. Just moving around the things you already have can make it feel like everything old is new again.

8. Update Kitchen Splashbacks

Logan MegaCentre kitchen splashback

Images: Pinterest

If you have an outdated kitchen splashback, try re-tiling with a funky design. Make an elegant tile choice with black slate or metal marble tiles, or go for modern stainless-steel sheets or back-painted glass. These changes will also help add value to your home, as the kitchen is one of the biggest selling points for any property.

9. Spruce up your scatter pillows


Image: Freedom Furniture

This is a great low-cost solution for tired interiors. Whether you go for something quirky, a calming floral design or homely typography cushions, your choices can be a simple way to alter the design concept in any room. Use a variety of shapes, sizes and designs that tie in to your theme to make the space more welcoming. It’ll look like you have a whole new couch!

Will you try one of these simple home hacks in 2016? What are your go-to tricks to spruce up a tired space? Let us know!

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Article by Guest Styler

This story has been written by a Guest Styler for Style Digital.


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