7 reasons why single is the new black

7 reasons why single is the new black

Dreading V-Day like it's D-Day? Single Style gal Sarah McAlpine gives us the lowdown on why it's oh-so-sweet to be riding solo this Valentine's Day.

By Sarah McAlpine | 5th February 2014

Hello. My name is Sarah, and it’s been 1 year, 1 month and 11 days since my last boyfriend. A pre-Christmas Sunday sesh gone wrong meant that after three years in the safe cocoon of my mediocre relationship, I would be facing the single scene once again. A tub of Ben & Jerry’s, every Taylor Swift song my eardrums could withstand and a few too many drunk-dials later, I can honestly say that I’m loving life as a single gal. Here’s why:

1. No time like the present (shopping)

Whether you’re loved-up, single, or somewhere in between, you’ve heard the cries of your desperate friends. ‘I have no idea what to get him!’ Between birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, Christmas, housewarmings, apologies and the ever-looming February 14, you’re looking at hours of delicate consideration and the monetary equivalent of roughly 100 espresso martinis. I love espresso martinis.

I love you spelt out in coffee beans

Coffee makes for the perfect cheap date.

2. Worldly and wise

During a three-month hiatus from real-life this year, I travelled extensively throughout Europe; seeing some of the most magnificent things and meeting some of the most extraordinary people I’ve done so far. While you can definitely travel with a partner, you’re missing out on the character-building experiences of being thrown outside of your comfort zone by yourself. You can also fly solo with someone waiting impatiently for you back in the Land of Oz, but from my own experience on another trip, missing someone can really detract from the experience. The holiday hook-up is obviously also a big no-no for those who already have strings attached.

3. Ready to mingle

One of the best things about being single is that you’re free to talk to whomever you please. Before defences are raised, I’m talking about REALLY talking – without the fear of evoking a jealous flame within your significant other. See an old friend from high school who happens to be a member of the opposite sex? You can chat innocently (or not so innocently, depending on your preference and how the last 5+ years have treated them) all night long without judgement - judgement from your partner, his friends, your friends or anyone else who would consider it inappropriate for you to be blissfully babbling away for the entirety of the night with someone other than your beloved.

Male model posing with hand lifted to forehead

Converse away.

4. You-time. Glorious you-time.

While the extra time you have to fill when coming out of a relationship can seem overwhelming, you’re finally freed up to do all the things you’ve been putting off. Think redecorating (cough, cleaning), quality time with friends and family and working on your single girl body. You can use your Sunday nights to experiment in the kitchen, developing healthy meals for your weekday lunches. Bonus: you’ll probably be eating out less, and you don’t have to adhere to a man-friendly menu. Bring on carb-less dinners!

5. Secret single behaviour

Want to stay out dancing with your girlfriends until your feet hurt, then sleep ‘til noon only to order a pizza and eat it in bed? You can do that. Feel like wearing your comfy grandma undies around the house for an entire day without the fear of destroying your sex life for all eternity? Sure. Guilty of wasting an afternoon stalking on various social media platforms? There’s no shame in your game, because you’re a single adult who doesn’t have to answer to anybody.


Couple fighting over television remote control

Uninterrupted Kardashian marathon, anyone?

 6. Getting social: media and otherwise

We’re living in an age where social media is integrated into our lives – and being single allows you to make the most of it. Another movie night at home? Your Instagram followers probably don’t really care. A night out with your friends at that new restaurant everyone’s talking about? Well, people still actually don’t care that much, but it’s pretty and colourful and they’re probably more likely to grant you that elusive double tap. Plus, Tinder. Need I say more?

7. You’ve got the love

Ever felt bad about yourself because of a comment from your partner? You’re not alone. For too many of us, it’s easy to put your self-worth in your partner’s hands. Being single frees you up to work on the most important relationship of all – the one you have with yourself! It also means that while you may not have met the love of your life yet, you’re not exhausting your precious time, love and energy into a mediocre relationship – because if someone’s going to make you give up all these amazing #singlelife benefits, they’d want to be pretty darn special!


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Article by Sarah McAlpine

Sarah McAlpine is a former Journalist in the Custom Publishing department at Style Magazines with a weakness for shoes, beauty products and puppy dog eyes.


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