Seven hot tips to get the most out of your workout

Seven hot tips to get the most out of your workout

If you’re struggling to get to the gym or maybe aren’t seeing the results you want, try implementing these seven tips in your next workout.

By Guest Styler | 14th January 2015

It’s always tough to drag yourself to the gym when the last thing you want to do is hit that treadmill for another hour-long torture session.

Personal Trainer of the Year, Sally Brouwer has seen too many people waste hours at the gym with no results and has put together seven tips to get the most out of your next workout.

  1. Have a plan! Know exactly what it is that you want to achieve and the steps needed to get there. Spend time initially planning and this will save time in the future. If you don’t know how to achieve your goal, ask someone who does or invest in a PT consultation.
  2. Schedule all your meetings, appointments, socializing around your training. Is your health and fitness a priority? If it is, treat it accordingly and lock in your training times in your diary each week.
  3. Add in some HIIT (high intensity interval training) to your workouts. This is where you get your heart rate elevated for short periods and then allow yourself a small amount of time to “recover”.
    For example bike sprints for 20 seconds with 10 seconds recovery time for a total of 10 minutes. It’s a great way to burn fat and get fit fast!
  4. Do something different! Have you been doing the same exercise or training week in week out? The problem with doing the same thing every single training session is that our bodies adapt quite quickly. What once was a challenging exercise or fitness session may now be relatively easy and complacency sets in. Everyone likes routine and familiarity but this is not good for improving your fitness! We need to challenge our bodies and move a little outside our comfort zone every once in a while.
  5. Warm up first! Spend some time preparing your body for what’s ahead – get the heart rate elevated, the muscles warmed up, the mind focused and the joints moving before you start your main session. This way you can use your body to its full potential and gain the most from your workout.
  6. Eat or drink something as soon as possible after your training. Depending on what your workout entailed, you’ll need some carbohydrates to replenish your glycogen stores and some protein for muscle repair. My favourite recovery snack is some fruit with a glass of milk.
  7. If you struggle with motivation to actually do any exercise or training, arrange something to look forward to following your session – like a little reward for yourself.  This might be a favourite smoothie, ringing a friend, a cup of coffee, 5 minute meditation, your lunch break. The idea is to work first, then reward, not the other way around.

For more free tips with training, nutrition and lifestyle check out the Sally Brouwer Fitness Facebook page.


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Article by Guest Styler

This story has been written by a Guest Styler for Style Digital.


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