Plastic Free July: The Reusable Items You’ll Love That Are Helping Save The Planet

Plastic Free July: The Reusable Items You’ll Love That Are Helping Save The Planet

Saving the planet one ceramic coffee cup at a time!

By Kiri Johnston | 5th July 2018


I’ve always known about the negative impact that plastic has on our environment, but after my most recent trip to Bali and seeing how much wastage (mainly plastic) there is on both the land and in the ocean, it really was an eye-opener to how serious the problem is. It makes me feel extremely grateful that I live in a country with a developed waste system, compared to third world countries like Indonesia, where they have a major rubbish problem stemming from both locals and careless tourists and unfortunately have no other choice than to burn their trash, which is cause for more harm to the environment.

Even though you can’t walk far without spotting a bin in Australia, there is more to protecting the planet than just popping your rubbish in the bin. We still need to make more thoughtful decisions when it comes to what we consume and use daily. We want our future generations to be able to enjoy the world’s natural beauty for years and years to come, don’t we? So how can you be a part of this global movement? It’s easy really! Choose to refuse plastic shopping bags, straws, takeaway containers and coffee cups and replace them with reusable items instead of single-use items. You should also try and recycle everything possible in your home!

What better time of the year to start your sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle than in July? Are you up for the challenge of participating in Plastic Free July? Let’s make a stand and help reduce our use of single-use items and most of all plastic. Did you know every single piece of plastic ever made still exists today and will continue existing for at least 500 years? It’s a scary statistic but one we have the power to change.

What are the benefits of participating in Plastic Free July?
- Avoid landfill waste and pollution
- Reduce your eco-footprint
- Protect the ocean and wildlife

I’m no expert on environmental issues by any means, and you definitely don’t just have to be a tree-hugging hippie to care about recycling, but I’m hoping this will help at least a few people to be a little more conscious about the planet we live on. It has never been easier to reduce plastic with locally made brands popping up every day with beautiful eco-friendly items. Scroll on to check out our edit of some of our favourite sustainable items that will help make your life easier, the Earth cleaner and keep you up to date with the latest lifestyle movement!


They may seem harmless but one of the biggest culprits for ending up in landfill are plastic straws! If you’re eating out, we suggest asking for no straw and drinking straight from the glass instead. However, if you can’t go without, bamboo and stainless steel straws are the bomb! You can slip them into your bag and BYO everywhere you go. I’ve noticed they have started implementing these in lots of cafés already in both Bali and Brisbane and they surprisingly make your drinking experience so much better!

Can also be found at Shop Naturally, Nourished Life, Biome, Vegware 


If you haven’t heard of beeswax wrapping, you’re in for a treat! No more cling wrap getting all caught together, just wrap your food with these breathable wraps and your food stays fresher for longer, then when you’re finished with it, just handwash it and leave it out to air dry. It’s super easy and there’s no plastic wastage! Plus, the patterned wraps look super cute in your lunchbox and fridge.

Can also be found at Wrappa, Bee Wrappy, Beeutiful Beeswax Wrap


After your morning brew, I’m sure most of you chuck your cup in the recycling bin, thinking it’s the right thing to do, however, you may be causing more harm than good as most of these cups aren’t actually getting recycled and instead contribute to landfill and pollution. To avoid the problem altogether, we are massive fans of reusable cups here at Style HQ for our morning coffee runs. There are so many amazing mugs with cool patterns so that you can have your own unique design. Plus, if you’re lucky, your local barista may give you a discount for bringing a reusable cup!

Can also be found at Sol Cups, Keep Cup, Joco Cups


Billions of coconuts each year are discarded which then end up burned as waste or end up in landfill. Fortunately enough, there are lots of businesses turning coconut shells into eco-friendly bowls for us to enjoy our food while giving us ultimate tropical island feels. I mean, who doesn’t love eating out of a 100% natural coconut?

Can also be found at Bowl de Coco, Heartmade Beauty, Choose 2 Reuse, Coco Bowlz


In Queensland, from July 1st single-use plastic bags have been banned from all retail stores and supermarkets, which means now is the perfect time to stock up on some cool reusable grocery bags! There are plenty of canvas, jute, woven, crochet and mesh bags on the market that can keep you looking on trend while looking after the environment. There’s no need for ugly green supermarket bags!


Can also be found at Onya Life, Seed + Sprout Co, Loqi, The Dharma Door, Belle + Frank


You’d be horrified to know what kind of chemicals are in some of our personal hygiene products, such as chlorine and bleaches that can be very toxic to our bodies. If you wouldn’t put these harsh chemicals on your face, there’s no need to use them during ‘that time of the month’ either. You can find tampons, pads and liners made of bamboo, which is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable fibres, as well as being super absorbent, breathable, soft, comfortable and antibacterial. Next time you’re shopping for your sanitary products, be sure to check the packaging! Also, if you haven’t tried menstrual cups, I hear they are life-changingly amazing!

Can also be found at Cottons, Moon Pads, Zero Cup, TOM Organic, Natracare


Enough with those Chinese takeaway containers, next time you’re getting take-out, take your reusable containers and ask if they can use yours instead of their plastic ones – this may feel like a strange request to both you and them, but you’ll be helping them save costs and also helping the planet! Stainless steel and silicone bags, insulated brown paper bags and glass containers all make for the perfect lunch box substitute for your old, unappealing grey plastic bags.

Can also be found at Biome, Flora & Fauna, Hello Green, Naturally Sustainable


July is one of the most festive months of the year and who doesn’t love to accessorise with a little glitter to sparkle throughout the day and night? If you are going to use glitter, we suggest thinking twice about what brand you use, as glitter can have a major impact on our environment. Always check the ingredients and opt for a biodegradable glitter that is compostable and eco-friendly too!


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