Return of the 90s trends

Return of the 90s trends

Just 14 years after the 90s ended, we’re already seeing a massive burst of fashion and cultural revivals. It does seem a little too soon to be getting nostalgic, but let’s be honest the 90s were better than the naughties for a whole stack of reasons.

By Jane Schon | 2nd October 2014

The 90s never seemed like an era that would make a comeback. When we were living in it, everything seemed uninspired and a little bit shallow. But looking back, the music was meaningful, the cartoons were inventive, and the fashion bounced between minimalist to grunge and schoolgirl chic.

Everything was simpler and, with the absence of the internet and smartphones, kids grew up playing outdoors - with more human contact than machine!

And seeing the role models kids are forced to endure these days - cue Miley and Biebs - we're counting our lucky stars we can call ourselves 90s kids!


Cher and Dionne nailed the schoolgirl look in our fave 90s flick, Clueless!

We’ll admit not all trends back then were winners. Pegged for a comeback earlier in the year, the butterfly clip is probably not making the cut. And I sincerely hope we’ll never see those thin, spaghetti string bangs framing our faces ever again. There are a few trends however that never should've disappeared in the first place - maybe it was the decade we spent apart that made us appreciate them for their brilliance.

Here are a few of our favourite 90s trends we’re so thrilled to see back in our lives and rotating walk-ins (a girl can dream)…


Leather, stretchy tattoo-look, and chunky pressed metal - with pendants or without – the choker is certainly a safe bet this Spring/Summer.

Carrie Bradshaw may have once spurned the girliest of accessories, but after seeing them bouncing down the runways of late we can safely say scrunchies are back!

Crop tops
Show off that belly with printed halter crop paired with another iconic 90s item, the bike short! Work in another one of our favourite trends by wearing your crop over a crisp white tee.

Images via Imaxtree, Esty & ASOS

Images via Imaxtree, Esty & ASOS

Ripped, boyfriend cut, high-waisted jeans
Go for white, acid wash or faded blue, ripped up, high (or low) waisted denim is one of our faves. And the best part is, with all those tears they’re not too hot to rock in summer!

Slip dresses
Sexy and super easy to style, the Calvin Klein slip dress is a simple 90s staple. Go grunge with biker boots or keep it girlie with a Spicey platform.

90s lip colours
I couldn’t live without my pastel blue lipstick in the early 90s, and it’s great to see sparkly and pastels colours are lining the shelves again! If you’re not into the lighter tones, go for a super 90s brown lipstick, or go all out with a dark brown lip liner and natural toned lips.

Double denim
This was definitely one we never saw coming. It has been back for a little while now, but to really get the 90s look, wear denim of varying shades and pair with backwards baseball caps or pastel tinted sunglasses like our girl RhiRhi.

Image via The Fashion Tag, Instagram & Urban Outfitters

Images via The Fashion Tag, Instagram & Urban Outfitters


90s Fitness
Rollerblading anyone? If the cool elbow pads and wrist guards weren’t enough to draw you back in, how about the calories you’re sure to burn from this ridiculously fun weekend activity.

From Instagram filters to the return of polaroids and instax cameras, foe-vintage photography is back.


Source: The Lost Guides

Return of the boy band! Although, it has to be said, One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer, have NOTHING on the Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync and Five.

TV and films
The revival of 90s television on the big screen, like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and 21 Jump Street, has certainly made us appreciate the awesomeness of 90s TV and films. I’m a big fan of originals – sequels and remakes very rarely hit the mark for me – but I’m very keen to see I Know What You Did Last Summer and Jurassic Park hit our screens in the coming year.

Interior Design
Interior designers are forecasting a comeback of 90s trends in the home. Not the inflatable, fluro coloured armchairs, more like the restrained and minimalist influences of 90s interiors. Like in fashion, white on white was big in the home, with a real pared back aesthetic and Japanese simplicity.

Images via Pinterest

Images via Pinterest


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Article by Jane Schon

Jane is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She is addicted to theatre, travelling to far off places and developing her personal style (AKA shopping). Jane adores good food (and even better coffee) and is a self-confessed sleep enthusiast.


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