Refreshing your brand

Refreshing your brand

pdpr. shares the importance of refreshing your branding.

By pdpr. marketing and creative | 2nd February 2015

Like a new pair of shoes or a couple of throw cushions, a brand refresh can reinvigorate your entire business without going through the hassle or expense of starting from scratch.

Whether it be an updated colour palette, a new tag line or a modernised font, a brand rejuvenation is a great way to re-inspire both staff and existing clients while also working to attract new business leads – and all in a cost effective manner.

With slight revisions to your branding elements and positioning, you can . . .
• Preserve your brand’s existing equity
• Infuse new energy into your offerings
• Ensure your company stands out in a dynamic marketplace
• Expand the company’s reach to new customers and create buzz among existing customers
• Reduce the sales cycle
• Phase in changes as your budget allows

Rebranding will also maintain a visual connection to how the brand was seen before, therefore preserving brand equity as well as fostering a link between old and new.

It’s imperative therefore to properly consider and incorporate elements of your current identity into the new one.

A branding strategist will guide a company through this process, often starting by evaluating their visual identity and messaging. They will then determine what elements still have value and should be retained and what should be refreshed to make the brand representative of who you are today and where you are going.

They will also work to maintain the integrity of the existing logo, making modifications that are definitely noticeable but not too drastic.

But when should you change your brand identity? An easy place to start is age, however other triggers could be the introduction of a new product or service, a merger or a change in leadership.

In the absence of any major event, consider a refresh every three to five years as part of your strategic planning process.

This is also a good time to re-evaluate the effectiveness of your message. For example, when Apple began selling more than computers, they dropped the word ‘computer’ from their slogan and changed it to ‘Think Different’ – and they’ve never looked back.

Once the refresh is complete, a grand brand re-launch is a great way of also reinvigorating your social media and marketing campaigns.

People after all, really do love to rally around a new start.


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Article by pdpr. marketing and creative

pdpr. marketing and creative specialises in digital, print-based and experienced-based marketing for the property, food and lifestyle industries.


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