Ra Organics Cleanse

Ra Organics Cleanse

Bella Frizza tests out the one-week Ra Organics juice cleanse.

By Bella Frizza | 13th May 2014

There are a few cleanses getting round the streets of Brissy right now but the calling card for this one is the fact that two gorgeous girls and ‘soul sisters’ Rhian and Sarah who live in Hervey Bay founded Ra Organics after working alongside each other in the health industry. They were over the golden girl lifestyle of partying and eating out most nights and wanted to get back on track to being healthy and whole.

Their personal touch shines through from the moment you place your order, you receive a four-page guide on what to expect from your cleanse. The girls deliver the juices personally to your door, in a cute esky with straws included as well as two different herbal teas.

The juices are 100 percent organic and Rhi says the thought process behind this is, “Organic fruit and veg is as close to nature as you can get. The soil in which the produce grows boasts a much higher vitamin, mineral and antioxidant content than it's chemical ridden counterparts, this has a huge impact on the final product; fresh, nutrient dense, chemical, pesticide, antibiotic, artificial hormone and gmo free goodness!”
The other cool thing about this cleanse is that there are smoothies included as well as juices! Rhi says, “Smoothies are important to have because of their fibre content, they deliver a slower release of nutrients which prevent spikes in blood sugar levels, are packed with superfoods and high in lean protein which will help you to feel satiated throughout your cleanse.”

My Ra Organics 1 Day Beginners Cleanse:

I’ll be honest I have never done a juice cleanse in my life so I’m excited (and a little scared) to trial one out for a whole day.

My first thoughts on the Ra Organics cleanse looking at the beautifully presented jars of goodness is there is a lot of liquid to consume. There are 2 x Coconut Water Elixirs, 2 x Green Juices, 2 x Smoothies and 2 x colourful juices. So 8 in total to consume. Some days I don’t even get through one jar size of H20… So here we go!

I picked a Sunday morning to get started as I have had at least 3 days without an alcoholic drink or coffee – Rhi and Sar recommend that you have 3-5 days either side of cleansing without alcohol.

8am: I woke up and had my first Coconut Water Elixir. Was nice to start the day with a whole glass of water.

9.30am: I took a yoga class then got home about 11am and had the Greens # 3 spinach, kale, celery, cucumber and lemongrass. It’s yummy! I am feeling like I’m getting a hit of energy almost like a coffee but not.

11:30am: Still consuming Greens # 3. Mental check in: Am I hungry? No. Just feeling light (very good thing) and a little tired.

12pm: I drank the Smoothie, banana, dates, almond milk, chia seeds, honey and cinnamon – so yummy! I am a massive fan of smoothies but this one would have to be one o the best I have ever tasted. Was almost like an acai bowl in it’s thickness and I felt very full after it.

Lunch: 1pm had the Chai Spiced Almond Milk – think I am behind on drinks.

3pm: Colourful Juice x tomato, celery, capsicum, lime, sea salt and kimchi – still feeling quite energetic and not feeling hungry even though my friend sat next to me in a movie and ate a whole box of popcorn which smelt amazing.  BTW this juice was so yummy and thick! Tasted almost like a Bloody Mary with the tomato.

4pm: I drank my second coconut elixir – still feeling good and impressed I have nearly made it to the end of my one day cleanse!

7pm: Had my dinner juice of colourful – beetroot, spinach, carrot, celery, parsley and about an hour later was falling asleep so went to bed played on my phone ‘til I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore (about 20 minutes) and had the best sleep I’ve had in a long time. Slept through until 8.30am which is huge for me, I never sleep in!

Side effects

None really just a bit of a mental battle telling your mind, body and spirit that it won’t be chewing today.

Monday morning mental check in

Feeling a little exhausted but ‘cleansed’, refreshed and super light. I would love to do the 2 or 5 day cleanse and plan out more of a routine on when I drink which juice/smoothie. Plus Ra also has a 1 day Weekend Recovery Detox cleanse for those of us who have a few too many vodka lime and sodas over the weekend!

Overall Thoughts

The juices are amazing – so different to any I’ve tasted. I would say try it just to taste the smoothie! The one day beginners cleanse is perfect for anyone like me who has never done a cleanse before. Trial it and trust me, you’ll be addicted. Rhi tells me, “Other cleansers rave about how fantastic they feel after, full of energy, lighter, less bloated and an improvement in digestion. We also have a couple of cleansers who do a 1 day once a week.”

 Visit Ra Organics to order your detox, or if you’d like to try before you buy hit up the girls at Splendour in the Grass in Byron in July they’ll have a stall for you to poke around in Rhi’s words “Splendour Blender Benders”.


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Article by Bella Frizza

Bella is fairly new to our fabulous Brisbane and in a past life spent her time testing beauty products and writing boy advice for teen mags. She can’t help but speak in acronyms and swears she’s Katy Perry’s doppelganger. She can be found in her spare time at the beach, uploading selfies onto Instagram, stalking Jason Derulo or rocking the airwaves as a casual announcer on B105.


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