The quirkiest fitness apps to get you moving

The quirkiest fitness apps to get you moving

If you’re not easily tempted to exercise or you hate it when your regime becomes stale, these fitness apps are fun, quirky and a little bit weird; the perfect thing to improve your fitness slump.

By Candice Jackson | 13th May 2015

Get off your a#* and on to an app!

Our tech-generation rarely puts their phone down and if running with some music playing isn’t really enough motivation to get exercising, we’ve got 7 apps that will help incorporate tech into your workout for a fun fitness experience!

These 7 apps (available on iOS and Android operating systems) turn workouts in to games, or ‘exergaming’ as some refer to it as, giving you a quirky, fun and weird take on traditional fitness.

 Zombies, Run!

($3.99 from the App Store)

With more than 800,000 players worldwide, perhaps you or someone you know has given this one a crack? This app takes runners on an epic adventure, by mimicking a zombie apocalypse through their headphones. It encourages runners to run further and faster to avoid roving zombies, gather supplies and rebuild civilisation over 40 separate missions.

Fit Freeway


Who doesn’t like a retro racing game? This fitness app puts you on the track, allowing you to navigate the arcade-style racing game while exercising on a stationary cardio machine. The iOS device is placed in front of you while working out, so the app can track motion and vibrations, to determine your car’s speed on the track. There is also a window on the top of the app display settings to include your head, which by moving different directions throughout your workout determines the direction of the steering.

Tempo Magic Pro

(DJ) ($7.49 from the App store)

If you like exercising with music on, but sometimes get frustrated when a track comes on that doesn’t suit the tempo of your workout? With this app, you can ensure your music is always set to your ideal pace, with the ability to change every song to have the BPM(Beats Per Minute) you require to have an ultimate workout. The best part about the app is that while changing the tempo of the songs, it doesn’t affect the pitch of the artist; which means no more chipmunk or low sounding slow-motion vocals.

Ball Strike


It may look a little silly to onlookers without the context, but basically you set up your app and jump, move, wave your hands and shake your legs to destroy all the balls displayed on the screen. Very similar to the EyeToy, Wii or Kinect gaming consoles, this will get you up and moving, anywhere you have enough room.

Bull Dash


Run for your life! Similar to the previously mentioned Zombies, Run! App, this app immerses you in the atmosphere of the annual Spain Running Of The Bulls event, without the risks attached. You can even change the difficulty settings based on your fitness levels, from Easy (a fast walk), Medium(jog) to Pamplona (Runnnnnn!).


($2.99 on GooglePlay)

Whether you need a way to get the kids involved with exercise or you need to add something a little quirky to your cardio sessions, SpecTrek is a ghost-hunting game that will have you hitting the pavement in order to catch virtual ghosts. You’ll win awards, titles and create records to compare with friends and family in friendly competition.

Superhero Workout

($3.89 on GooglePlay)

Everyone knows superheroes aren’t born, they’re trained… This app will have you training and progressing to become the Super-you! They have workouts for every hero, whether you’re after stamina, strength, speed, agility or an all-round physique and skill level. The workout is structured around keeping you fit, while saving the world, with each correctly performed task (viewed by your device’s camera) giving you extra points to beat the baddies.

And if those don’t work, apparently ‘Enjoy Exercise Hypnosis’ motivational app gives you the kick up the butt you need. It claims to give you subliminal messages through hypnosis to get you off the couch and out-and-about.

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Article by Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, an irrational fear of birds and a love of travel. Candice believes in the Yes Man Philosophy.


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