Putting your children first

Putting your children first

For any parent, a paramount concern and principle is to ask, “what is in the best interest of my children?” According to Best Wilson Buckley Family Law, this is also one of many things discussed after the breakdown of a relationship or marriage.

By Guest Styler | 27th January 2015

The period following a breakdown of a relationship can be significantly stressful, especially when children are involved. It’s during this time that you can take comfort in knowing the expert team at Brisbane’s Best Wilson Buckley Family Law firm are here to help, provide advice and support and to take care of every aspect of your divorce, property settlement and financial issues.

Best Wilson Buckley Special Counsel, Rebecca Parry shares the firm’s philosophy which is directed at minimising, in every matter, the emotional impact and financial costs involved in resolving disputes following the breakdown of a relationship.

Rebecca says while there are matters that simply cannot avoid the litigation process, there are a significant number of parenting matters that resolve by agreement and do not require the Court’s intervention. In her experience, parents who can take control of their own matters and make decisions about ‘their’ children will likely co-parent more efficiently in the future than those who are involved and entrenched in court proceedings.

“A mediated solution is not only of benefit to your children, but it gives you an element of control and certainty on what will happen in the future. A Judge is a third party in the process and has no relationship with you or your children; they are reliant on the evidence before them… I cannot guarantee that you or the other parent will be happy after the Judge decides what is best for your children,” Parry says.

When considering the care arrangements for a child or children, the best interests of the children is the most important consideration. Best Wilson Buckley believe every parenting matter should start by considering:
• Each parent’s requests/entreaty;
• Considering agreed matters with each proposal; and
• Negotiating solutions to the remaining issues or areas in dispute.

Rebecca believes that prior to entering into a negotiation it is important for each parent to seriously consider all possible scenarios, to ensure the best outcomes for their family.

Rebecca has prepared a paper to assist those involved in parenting matters understand the process and the legal principles involved. It is available for download from the firm’s website.

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About Rebecca Parry

Rebecca Parry - Best Wilson Buckley Family Law

Rebecca Parry - Best Wilson Buckley Family Law

Rebecca Parry has worked exclusively in family law for over 15 years and is a specialist in parenting matters and complex financial disputes. Rebecca is also a Nationally Accredited Mediator and Independent Children’s Lawyer.

Best Wilson Buckley Family Law
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