Style Fit Picks: Darren Bain

Style Fit Picks: Darren Bain

It’s time to change your life!

By Jana Gabrijel & Kiri Johnston | 12th October 2017

Owner of Function Well Teneriffe Darren Bain believes that fitness is all about nutrition, movement and restoration. As a personal professional trainer, Bain aspires to change lives through a fitter lifestyle.

After chatting with Bain, we learnt that fitness should focus on FEELING good over LOOKING good – we hope you can take away the same after reading what he has to say.

Without further hesitation, let us introduce you to one of Brisbane’s best personal trainers, Darren Bain.

Darren Bain
Function Well, Teneriffe
P 3852 3938

Where do you work/what is your business? What is your role?
I own a gym called Function Well, where we also have two specialised zones - Athletic Zone (home to CrossFit Newstead) and Restoration Zone (steam room, sauna, meditation space and Yoga Studio). Ultimately my role is to do everything I can with our team to provide an unrivalled environment that fosters community and helps people change their life for the better through fitness.

How long have you been a personal trainer?
It's hard to believe I've been a PT for 16years - time surely does fly when you are having fun!

Describe what kind of personal trainer you are/what is your philosophy?
Here at Function Well, our philosophy is based on the ancient Chinese Yin and Yang philosophy, encompassing a holistic view on fitness through our unique and specialised zones.

We have a big emphasis on nutrition, we believe it is the foundation of any good fitness program and the gateway to good health.

What is your best tip when it comes to training?
Be consistent.

What is your personal fitness routine?
I enjoy CrossFit training as a part of my fitness routine. It's a great way to get incredible results in fun and supportive environments. Incorporating different workouts everyday through CrossFit is a great way to avoid boredom in your fitness routine.

If you could only do one type of exercise, what would it be?
Strength training. Research shows the more muscle and strength you have, the better the predictor for longevity than any other biomarker.

What is the most common excuse you hear for not training, how do you combat that?
"I don't have time" - It's often not an issue of time but an issue of priorities. If it's important enough, you'll always find time. For people that are busy, train at 5am before your day can get in the way.

What do you think are the most underrated and overrated exercises?
Any exercise is a good exercise. Too many people are stuck behind a desk for 8+ hours a day with no physical activity in their lives, leading to all sorts of sickness and disease. Movement is in our DNA, we're designed to move. Without it, all sorts of physiological and psychological issues proliferate. Honestly, I'm a fan of anything that gets people moving.

What are your recommended pre and post workout foods?
What you have pre or post workout will have minimal impact if your diet in general is poor. Before we start looking at pre and post workout diet, we find the majority of people get better results by improving their overall diet. Once that is sorted, then you can get specific with certain supplements and nutrition protocols to maximise performance.

Nutrition can really be as simple as eating whole foods, mostly plants. Keep intake levels to support exercise and not body fat. The majority of people will get amazing results and will serve them well for the rest of their life.

Who do you most admire in the industry or who is your favourite athlete/sports person of all time?
What’s my favourite athlete of all time? It’s a hard one, so I'll go with modern day athlete Connor McGregor. He is very polarizing, but I'm a fan. His attention to detail to get his body and mind in peak condition is incredible; he is innovative and extremely dedicated. Love or hate him, he has to be respected for what he has achieved. I also admire him as a businessman just as much as who he is as an athlete.

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Article by Jana Gabrijel & Kiri Johnston

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