As if 2017 wasn’t already kicking 2016’s butt, here’s some news to really make you smile. It involves a certain furniture chain whose collections have been filling homes for decades.

We love their sleek, functional and minimalist wares and we lust after their cozy couches and throw pillows. We adore them for their knack for looking WAY more expensive than they really are. But there’s always been one small thing that has been a little off with our relationship with Swedish powerhouse IKEA.

Until now, they’ve refused to come to the e-commerce party, meaning we had to make the trip out to the ‘burbs and navigate through a literal maze in order to get our mitts on their Nordic-inspired products. And as for those folks who live outside Brisbane, aside from pestering a relative to collect for them and then paying a bomb in postage (been there, done that, got the hefty Aus Post bill to prove it), they could forget about it.

But all that has changed, with IKEA launching their online store to the Queensland market on August 1st. Cue screams!

But before you start planning that much-needed décor overhaul and adding that dining setting you’ve had your eye on for months to cart, there’s a few more details you’ll want to know. Customers can choose from Online Delivery or Click and Collect in-store at Logan or North Lakes, or from one of the regional Collection points. From Coolangatta to Cairns, now everyone in the Sunshine State will have access to the extensive range of quality home furnishing products that we all know and love, at the click of a button.

There is a small delivery fee, but it’s a tiny price to pay to have their product range right at our fingertips.

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