Popcorn Time: Must-See May Films

Popcorn Time: Must-See May Films

Presidential scandals! Granny dating! Kessel Runs in less than twelve parsecs!

By Jeremy Steven | 8th May 2018

We’ll just assume that you’ve already seen the likes of Infinity War, Isle of Dogs, and A Quiet Place. So let’s get May started with some fresh flicks! This month’s releases kick off on 10 May with Tully and Chappaquiddick, and will be rounded off with Solo: A Star Wars Story and The Bookshop. You’ll find tears, awe and stacks of laughs with the May releases. Grab the popcorn and read on to find a guide as to what you'll be watching this month.

Tully | 10 May


The makers of 2007’s cult hit, Juno, have joined forces again to bring us another celebration of motherhood, this time a little more mature. Charlize Theron (this lady is unstoppable right now!) plays Marlo, a mother of three refusing any help until a night nanny is thrust upon her in the form of young Tully. Marlo at first rejects the idea of help as extravagant and unnecessary, however Tully’s curious character won’t take no for an answer.

This dramedy is a tribute to mothers the world round, and not a bad option for those looking for Mother’s Day ideas! If you’re in the mood for an award-winning ensemble, plenty of laughs, and maybe a sentimental tear or two, then Tully is a must see.

Chappaquiddick | 10 May


Chappaquiddick Island is famous for one thing, the death of Mary Jo Kopechne at the hands of Senator Ted Kennedy in 1969. This film not only details the events leading up to the incident, but also the crucial moments immediately after Ted Kennedy accidentally drove off a bridge in Chappaquiddick directly leading to Kopechne’s death. Certain moral liberties are taken by Kennedy and his team in order to uphold his PR and keep his shot at presidency alive. Chappaquiddick, a riveting thriller, exposes the infamously dubious event for what it really was.

Deadpool 2 | 16th May


In stark contrast to the recent Avengers: Infinity War, you won’t have to be clued into 18 prequels to make sense of this comic book flick. What you will need is heck of a lot of energy to keep up with the hyper-paced action and comedy typical of Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds reprises the role of the gloriously successful Deadpool – a fourth-wall-breaking, vulgar, yet kind-hearted ‘superhero’ of sorts. Reynolds is joined by a very strong supporting cast, headed by the likes of Josh Brolin, Zazie Beets, and T.J. Miller.

Aurore | 17 May


Aurore has recently left her husband and her job, both sooner than expected. Throw in finding out she’s soon to become a grandmother in the mix, (again, much sooner than expected), and you’re left with a lady bumbling into her 50s, trying figure out where she stands in society. Through endless laughs, and endearing truths, this Frenchy flick explores how we never really finish growing up and how we never really have it quite sorted out.

Solo: A Star Wars Story | 24 May


It’s a tough task being asked to create a spin-off film based on one of Hollywood’s greatest characters: Han Solo. Tougher still is trying to fill the swashbuckling boots left behind by one of Hollywood’s greatest actors: Harrison Ford. Ron Howard and Alden Ehrenreich have been tasked with those two jobs respectively, and thankfully they’re backed with a stellar, ensemble cast. Emilia Clarke and Woody Harrelson will fill key roles in the film, with Donald Glover playing the quintessential Lando Calrissian. No matter how this film substantiates, we’re extremely excited to spend another 140 minutes in the Star Wars Universe.

The Bookshop | 24 May


Emily Mortimer battles passive-aggression personified in The Bookshop, set in a small English town in 1959. After moving into a seaside town, Florence Green (Mortimer) converts a town centre vacancy into her very own bookshop, rife with the finest literature available in 1959. Green becomes well acquainted with the local politics, as she experiences a barrage of opposition to her culturally-forward establishment. The Bookshop will leave you questioning the types of media you consume, and how far you’re willing to go to back your passions.

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Article by Jeremy Steven

A bit of a cinephile, Jeremy owns multiple cinema memberships and can often be spotted enjoying the latest flick. In his spare time he enjoys trying Brisbane’s best restaurants and bars, supporting club rugby matches, finding any excuse to drink craft beer, and, of course, watching more films.


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