Poco full of Posy

Poco full of Posy

For all those times you want to send beautiful flowers "just because" but don't want to break the bank.

By Elizabeth Best | 9th September 2015

Friend got a new job? Send flowers. Congrats on the new baby? Send flowers. Your bestie had a bad day? Send flowers. Except that all those flowers, when you add in the delivery cost, can be super expensive.

That got Brisbane-based entrepreneur Rebecca James, of Poco Posy thinking. She was annoyed that her friends in Sydney and even internationally had access to affordable, beautiful florist-choice bouquets and yet she, in Brisbane did not.

“The concept of affordable flowers has been in operation in Australia and overseas for years now and I was over Brissy always missing out,” she says. “I was jealous that Brisbane didn’t have anything like it!” Thus, Poco Posy was born.

Flowers Poco Posy

One of Bec's stunning creations.

Based on a super-successful business model, Poco Posy offers a “posy of the day” delivery service. For just $30 including delivery, Rebecca puts together a fun, new, perfect posy daily, available for same-day delivery until sold out. She says she adapted the business model somewhat to suit the Brisbane market.

Poco Posy was a huge career about-face for Rebecca. She’d been toughing it out in the financial services industry through the GFC before jumping onto the florist bandwagon. “I completed a flower arranging course in 2010 and realised I had a crazy obsession with flowers,” she explains. “Friends and family say I’ve always had a good eye. When I was 12, I’d go to the bush behind my house and collect anything interesting and make posies. I can still remember a girlfriend looking at a posy I’d given her and saying ‘Have you ever thought of being a florist? This is amazing and it’s from dead stuff in the bush!’”

And despite her 4am starts at the markets (“Mondays are the WORST!”) she hasn’t looked back since launching the business in February this year. She says she feels like every time she visits her hairdresser, she’s sharing the news that the business has just doubled again!

Recently she expanded the business to include Poco Pots – little pots filled with succulents and other growing gifts – and she’s set to partner with Brisbane pot plant designers and have super-cute artisanal pots to boot. The best part? They’re only $35 including delivery. So you can send flowers or pots for pretty much any occasion without spending all your money.

Mum annoyed you couldn’t make dinner? Send flowers! Want to show someone you love them? Send flowers! Friend stubbed her toe? Well, at this price, and with these cute posies, you can even send flowers for that too... As long as the daily special hasn't sold out.

Poco Posy


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Article by Elizabeth Best

Elizabeth is the former Digital Editor of Style Magazines. She knew she wanted to be a journalist from the age of six and has spent the past decade working for some of Australia's top publications. She also thinks mint chocolate is a gift straight from the heavens.


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