The Easiest Way To Transform Your Car & Personal Style

The Easiest Way To Transform Your Car & Personal Style

PPQ can help you complete your car’s look.

By Gracie Clough | 9th May 2019

Since us Brisbanites are starting to feel the chill of cooler mornings and drop in humidity, there’s no better time for a fashion revamp. A change in season is always the most opportune time to freshen up your wardrobe with some cosy knits, blazers, animal print boots and a few investment pieces. Let’s be real, who doesn’t need an excuse to do some shopping?

Zimmerman Amari Paisley Lace Short Dress, Zimmerman Diamond Vent Fedora, Alias Mae Layton, Velvet Canyon Studio 54 Mocha, Acne Studios Musubi Milli Small Knotted Suede Shoulder Bag, PPQ Premium personalised plates

One of the most playful, and simple, ways to jazz up your seasonal look is by adding elegant accessories. Different accessories have the ability to completely transform a simple outfit, making it wearable for many occasions. Whether it’s layering some elegant fine gold jewellery, rocking bold and colourful earrings, sporting a stunning YSL handbag or adding a sleek Gucci belt, accessories can totally elevate your look.

YSL Envelope large bag ln grain de poudre embossed lather, YSL Opyum sandals in patent leather, Fendi FN000331 Sunglasses, Hermes Silk Scarf CarrÇ 'Les Flots Du Cheval, Chanel Les Pinceaux, PPQ Premium personalised plates

Investment pieces make sure your outfit is always elevated and on point. You wouldn’t wear a designer dress with flip flips, so having a pair of statement heels allows you to transform your outfit for those special occasions. And, why stop there? Just like that Gucci belt, personalised plates can totally elevate your dream car to complete the look and show your individuality.


Personalised Plates Queensland can help you to create the perfect accessory to your beloved car, whether you’re going for a sleek and minimal look, a fun and vibrant twist, or a personal touch that has meaning. Your new number plates can be a complete reflection of you! Your car is something you use every day, so it only makes sense to accessorise it so it’s personal to you – just like your fashion style.

Lorna Jane Bold and brave Sports Bra, Lorna Jane All day ankle biter tight, Fit Bit Charge 3 aluminium tracker, Valley Eyewear Brigada, Lulu Lemon Stay hot keep cold bottle in black, Calvin Klein Madie sneaker, Matt & Nat Bali backpack in pomegranate, PPQ Premium personalised plates

PPQ’s prestige plates are the ultimate in number plate luxury. You will be able to express yourself any way you like with up to seven characters in a range of styles including brushed metal, carbon fibre, checker or your classic black and white.

No matter what you choose to say on your plates, you will be able to easily upgrade your ride with the perfect finishing touch from PPQ. After all, accessories have the ability to transform your look!

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Article by Gracie Clough

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