How To Optimise Your Personal Brand

How To Optimise Your Personal Brand

When people search you online (and they will) what will they find? Christie Sutherland gives us her tips on optimising your personal brand in our world of social media.

By Christie Sutherland | 31st August 2016

It is not all perfect hair, perfect skin or the perfect outfit, despite how it appears on social media. But there are good reasons for maintaining a polished personal brand online, while still remaining human of course!

As the Editor of Style Magazines, I am someone that knows the importance of personal branding and how it can enhance your day-to-day life if done right. You don’t want to be sitting at home worrying that someone (a potential employer, for example) will search your name and wont like what they find!

The growth of today’s social platforms is an exciting one and in order to use it to your advantage, you need to display the very best “you” that you can. Considering we spend so much time on it anyway, why wouldn’t you put the extra effort in?

How you appear on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook is very important and most people don’t think about it until they are looking for a new job… or even a new love interest. It all starts with building content that you want people to find (and no, this doesn’t need to be super professional, it just needs to be you). You are the star of your own movie – how do you want that to rate?

Needless to say, you undoubtedly want your personal brand to send a positive message about who you are and what you’re all about. All it takes is a few simple steps.

No matter your occupation or personality, you should have your own “dress code” and your own filter. If you are unsure of how to define yourself the best starting point is your appearance… It is all about that face:

Raise the brow at Brooklyn Beauty Bar

Image: Giphy

Image: Giphy

There is nothing worse than an image of you in your Sunday pyjamas appearing on social media but let’s be honest, it is bound to happen (especially with those snap-happy friends of yours!). When it does, make sure you have those brows in shape! Brows frame your face and can play a big part in your personable approach. And don’t laugh, but being approachable is step one to achieving a positive you. A facial will clear up your skin and have you feeling fresh-faced and happy; always a good look.
Brooklyn Beauty Bar

Smile with confidence at Le Tooth

Image: Giphy

Image: Giphy

Remember, your smile is your logo! Simple and effective, teeth whitening is not something we tend to think about but most definitely should. Teeth whitening can change your smile and your confidence in so many ways. The Philips Zoom Whitening at Le Tooth is a fantastic process and one that will provide you with immediate results. The process is comfortable and only takes about an hour and a half including the consultation. Once you know how white you can go your mouth gets prepared for the three to four fifteen-minute treatments and before you know it, you walk out with the collage smile of the year. AND the best part of this is that is lasts for two years; no fillers, no whitening tooth paste and no hassle. Your smile is something people notice first and a healthy bright smile can truly change your life and boost your confidence. We all want whiter, brighter teeth and a beautiful smile is an affordable goal you can achieve quickly at Le Tooth.
Le Tooth

Attempting selfies during Phillips ZOOM Whitening treatment at Le Tooth.

Attempting selfies during Phillips ZOOM Whitening treatment at Le Tooth.


Be a cut above the rest with the Stefan Squad

A haircut isn’t always our favourite appointment to book, especially if you don’t know what you want. But that is why you should have a good hairdresser that you see regularly, because the professionals know best! When you book an appointment at a hair salon go in with an idea but always ask your hairdresser’s opinion. They can push your boundaries and create a new look for you that will have you feeling like a new person. Don’t forget to post that fresh-hair selfie.
Stefan Squad 

The importance of styling

Image: Giphy

Image: Giphy

Lighting, size orientation and general filters and apps will really enhance your imagery. Pay a bit of attention to an image before you post it on your channels. These are free tools that can help you look great; it isn’t a superficial thing, it is a confidence thing! A filter enhances imagery, it doesn’t change it like Photoshop does and there is a reason for that, al natural is best, ladies. In my opinion you need to pick a filter and stick to it. In a saturated world of insignificant imagery, the aim is to stand out and show that you know who you are and what you want. Professional imagery taken by a photographer is also an extra special touch… because not all of us are selfie-queens!

Be the best visual communicator that you can be, attention to detail always goes far in the social media world. Be realistic and honest with yourself. Remember personal branding puts the best parts of you out to the world. Your imagery is the take home point, make it impactful for all the rights reasons and hey, if feeling good about yourself is the result, what’s not to love?

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Article by Christie Sutherland

Christie Sutherland is a former editor of Style Magazines. To her, limits are there to be pushed and there is always a time for polka dots and a piccolo. Do it with love or not at all, that’s all.


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