One Pen To Rule Them All

One Pen To Rule Them All

Frixion pens use state-of-the-art thermo sensitive ink that means it doesn't matter when you make a mistake.

By Guest Styler | 10th March 2014

By Michaela Walsh

It’s official; I am in love with a pen. OK not really, but it’s a fine line. I am one of those people that constantly change their mind when they are writing so I always end up with a myriad of scribble all over my page. Well, this will be me no more.

I have discovered a pen so great and so magical that it will change lives. This pen is called Frixion and it… wait for it… is erasable! Spelt something wrong? No worries. Lost concentration when a shirtless Ryan Gosling was on your television screen as you were writing up your shopping list for that week and accidently ended up with an illegible mess on your page? Not to worry! Just flip over your pen and hide the evidence with the little eraser on the end.

It’s almost like being a school kid again with one of those eraser pencils, but infinitely cooler because Frixion comes in so many different colours and styles that there is one for almost everything. Gel ink, highlighter, colouring, fine point and clicker – all the bases are covered.

You’re probably a bit dubious as to how something so wonderful works. Well my friends, thermo sensitive ink is the answer. When you rub, the heat and friction removes the ink. Magical, handy and just downright awesome.

Prices start at $2.40 and the pens are available in all major retailers, newsagents and stationery suppliers nationally.

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Article by Guest Styler

This story has been written by a Guest Styler for Style Digital.


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