The Do’s And Don’ts For Your Next Office Party

The Do’s And Don’ts For Your Next Office Party

Do or don’t drop it low with the CEO?

By Georgie Murray | 13th June 2019

As office parties creep back into full swing with EOFY and Christmas in July, it may be time to scratch-up on office party etiquette. It can be a blurry, blurry line of where office standards and rules stop and social norms begin but what happens after 6pm doesn’t always stay in the dark. Scroll through our tips on how to navigate the corporate party season. You can thank us later.

Loose lips sink ships

One beer, two beers, three beers, four. As the drinks are downed, our inhibitions follow. Liquid courage may often come in handy but regarding spilling the office goss, less in this case is certainly more. Although it could all be fun and games off the clock and in the moment, a slip of the tongue is all it can take to tarnish your office reputation. Sally and Steve have a secret romance? Keyword: secret – keep it that way. Old mate Kev is on a higher salary? Good on him but shh. Rihanna is ready to resign? That’s her news, not a news flash.

Just remember the old age saying: Loose lips sink ships. Don’t take your rep down with you.

Plus one protocol

To avoid un-inviting your chosen plus one, clarify with the organiser if the event is exclusive to employees-only. If they haven’t accommodated the extra head-count, and your sister, best friend, boyfriend is your plus one, things could get awkward quickly.

Boogie Boundaries

Safe to say everyone has an inner dancing-queen buried beneath layers of sober, self-control and once the music starts and the lights get low, those layers seem to fade into the depths of the night. It’s great to dance, get in the zone and have a fun boogie (great team bonding), but be careful you don’t get out of control and ‘Elaine dance’ the night away.


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Dress Decorum

Simply put, think corporate-jazzy. Keep the hemlines sensible but show off your sparkle. It’s a great opportunity to showcase your personality but again, there’s a fine line. Think internal affairs, not Ibiza.

Drink Count

Need we mention this? The golden rule and main takeaway from this little guide is don’t get too drunk. Watch the intake, hydrate and eat. No one likes a chunder-dragon.

Home Hero

When you depart the soiree with a few drinks under your belt ensure you’re leader of the responsible pack and have a lift sorted. With rideshare apps there’s no excuse not to get home safe and sound. Why not share a trip with the team and split the costs? Now you can have a frivolous time while being financially savvy.


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