Nude Yoga: Part 2

Nude Yoga: Part 2

First we spoke to her pupil... Now Style chats to the instructress that bares all.

By Claire Deane | 21st October 2015

Our first Nude Yoga story caused quite the stir last week and brought up all sorts of questions... Would you be game? Front of the class or back? How many friendship barriers can you cross here without it getting weird?

And while I got some excellent answers from Fabienne, one of the brave souls who stripped off to stretch, I decided I needed to reach out to Rosie Rees, the woman behind the nudity, to ask her the real reasons she decided to ditch her duds for fitness. Rosie is a relationship and singles life coach, Nude Yoga instructress and blogger based in Perth.

What made you decide to start running Nude Yoga classes?

RR: After becoming a yoga instructor, I specialised in teaching yoga for women. I began teaching “Sexy Yoga” for women, designed to help people embrace their sensual selves. This evolved into naked yoga, which I taught in my own backyard. I wanted to create something other women could experience and voilà! Nude Yoga was born!

What kinds of people do you usually see in your classes?

RR: Nude Yoga’s appeal has surprised even me. I have women in their late teens to women and couples in their 60s, and even some couples who have come to one of my classes on a first date. I get the occasional naturalist (nudist) completely comfortable in their own skin, and women with extreme body consciousness who want to try and overcome those issues.

What do you do to keep an “unwanted element” out of the classes? How do people know they’ll be in a safe place?

RR: That’s such a good question! My partner and I thought long and hard on this one and ultimately decided on no mixed classes unless it’s a class for couples. It can be hard to know exactly who is coming to your classes and why. Ultimately, the sort of people who might come to “perve” are really easy to spot by their words and actions and the kind of energy they give off. To be honest, I haven’t had to knock back a single person yet. In truth, I don’t think they have what it takes to be that vulnerable. True vulnerability requires incredible strength, and that’s not the hallmark of people with that “unwanted element”.

What’s your favourite part of the class?

RR: There’s a certain point in my women’s classes where I ask the women to place their hands on a part of their bodies that they would like to give more self-love and healing to. It is such a beautiful, emotional and powerful part of the practice that gives me goosebumps every single time.

Do you have any body hang-ups? Or has Nude Yoga helped you to work through these?

RR: Of course! I think almost all women have self-image issues to varying degrees. I’ve noticed that the more I practise and teach Nude Yoga, the more I’m becoming comfortable in my own skin. It’s gotten to the point where stripping off down at the beach or in public to get changed raises almost no concern for me whatsoever.

Who would you recommend Nude Yoga classes to?

RR: Everybody! It really is a beautiful and transformational experience on so many levels. People who start out really reluctant usually end up having the greatest transformations and my experience teaching Nude Yoga has proven that over and over again. They’re already thinking about booking in for another class before theirs has even finished.

If you’d like to experience Nude Yoga, head to Nude Yoga With Rosie to find out more.

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Article by Claire Deane

Claire is a digital marketer, google analytics nerd and social media addict. She has worked with big and small brands across a range of industries, from fashion to food, with digital publishing platforms to yoga studios, education institutions to wedding accessory designers. She’s also written a book on building a business as an introvert that’s been featured in Collective Mag and Design*Sponge and teaches SMEs how to build their businesses via her workshop series, Homeroom. Follow her at @clairemdeane or


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