Are You Outgrowing Your Car? We’ve Found The 4 Best Ways To Get Your Dream Car For Less

Are You Outgrowing Your Car? We’ve Found The 4 Best Ways To Get Your Dream Car For Less

It’ll even come with that new car smell!

By Laura Frendon | 27th September 2018

Upgrading from your first car to something a little more high end can be pretty terrifying. It’s no longer just a set of wheels to you, it’s your car, your baby, and something you’ll take a lot of pride in. But if you’ve been struggling to save your dollars and don’t think you have enough to get your sweet ride, don’t worry! We spoke to the team at Kedron Car Centre, and got the low down on how to get your dream car for less.

Go for quality over price

A car is a pretty big purchase and one that is important to get right. When it comes to used cars, it is just as important to buy from the right place as it is to buy the right car. It’s essential to look for a car with low kilometres and one that comes with log book service history. Also, ensure you’re provided with the car’s history reports and a roadworthy. If it sounds like we’re speaking in another language, maybe take a car savvy friend or family member along with you.

Buy second hand

Choosing to buy a second hand car can help you save money straight way, as well as in the long run. Most new cars will lose 25% of their value as soon as you drive out of the sales yard, so you can wave goodbye to a decent resell price. However, if you choose to buy a second hand car, you can pretty much guarantee massively reduced depreciation, which means more dollars in your pocket. You can easily save thousands on a near new car that looks and drives just like it’s brand new equivalent. There’s also a smaller wait time on a used car, opposed to extensive wait times of weeks or even months on a new one.

Purchase from a reputable dealer

It’s vital to purchase from a car dealer that’s been selling cars for a long time, and has developed a good reputation for providing quality cars to happy customers. While used car salesmen still struggle to shake their negative stereotypical reputation, you can rest assured that the team at Kedron Car Centre network within the industry, allowing them to pick and choose the right cars at the right price for clients. Choosing the right dealer can help you to save thousands against the same car you would buy brand new.

Know what you want

It’s important to know what you’re trying to achieve with a new car, what you want out of it, and what type of budget you’re willing to spend. Sure, it’s important to like the colour and the shiny inside, but if you know what type of car will suit your needs, the team at Kedron Car Centre are then able to help you choose the right vehicle.

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Article by Laura Frendon

Laura grew up in North Queensland but has been living in Brisbane for the past 4 years. In her spare time she doubles as a Broncos Cheerleader and before she became a Journalist, she was a freelance dancer and teacher, performing professionally in Melbourne.


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