New Artists To Know Now: What To Listen To According To Us!

New Artists To Know Now: What To Listen To According To Us!

Listen up!

By Georgie Murray | 1st October 2019

I’ll say it straight up – no one has asked me to write this and I don’t know whether anyone actually cares what I’m listening to, but here has it!

Sometimes I dabble with new music and get quite excited thinking I’m the first to discover them, kind of like when T-Pain discovered auto tune, or when Joan Rivers found Botox. Low and behold, this is usually not the case but none-the-less, it could be new to you! Here’s what I’m making myself enter early deafness with and have had on repeat. You’re welcome.

PS/Disclaimer: I’m not a musical expert and could possibly be the most un-talented music person ever.

Angel Groove

Vibe: 80s, electric pop

I actually met these guys in Vegas a couple years ago. Then, they were Echo Stains. After going on a couple dates with the bassist (hey Marvin, how are ya?) I ended up genuinely enjoying their tunes. Now known as Angel Groove, they get me groovin’ with their 80s eclectic pop vibes. I also recommend checking out ‘Colours of Emotion’ when they were Echo Stains.

Jack Harlow

Vibe: Chill rap

Okay, Jack is certainly not new to the music scene but still worth a mention! Tapping into more of the rap genre, Jack’s tunes are laid-back but still buzzy. Signing to Atlantic Records in 2018, he has now had a few tracks hit the big time (you’ve likely heard ‘Thru The Night’, his collab with Bryson Tiller). My personal fave is PICKYOURPHONEUP with K CAMP, enjoy!

Magnus Murphy

Vibe: Anthemic Pop

Brisbane born Magnus is what I like to consider a triple threat: solo artist, producer and model. His tunes are super catchy and often played at Style HQ (I’m the office DJ, obviously). We’ve recently sat down with Magnus so stay tuned for our interview! Magnus is releasing new music any day now, but until then check-out the song we have on repeat!

The Chats

Vibe: Surfer rock and super Australian

Okay, not super new to the music world. The Chats have really shot to international audiences in the last 12 months. The trio from the Sunshine Coast first became noted after their banger ‘Smoko’ and haven’t slowed down since. Perhaps I’m a little bias being from the Coast myself, but these guys offer both great tunes and an entertaining show, all round. My personal fave is ‘Nambored’ – a very realistic song based on my home town. The guys also just got back from a super successful UK and US tour. Killin’ it.

The Manor

Vibe: UK Hip-Hop

I discovered these guys thanks to a pal in the UK. Full of Brit charm and street ‘ladness’, these guys give it to you straight about their romances and antics. You may as well just pinch their lyrics and copy/paste to your crush. Example: ‘It ain’t easy chasing a ten, I pretend you’re a six when you don’t text back’’. Can’t say it has a high success rate, but give it a crack, I say. Check-out ‘Yeah, You’ and ‘It’s a London Thing’.


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Article by Georgie Murray

Georgie is a Journalist with a knack for bad jokes and dating disasters. A total open book, there’s no topic off limits for this Rod Stewart enthusiast. Starting her career in Broadcast Journalism, Georgie has since gone back to basics of the written word with a particular love for taboo topics and fashion media.


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