Naomi Price: "My busy life after The Voice"

Naomi Price: "My busy life after The Voice"

She blew us away with her powerhouse performances on The Voice. Now Naomi Price chats with Style about reality TV, bullying and her jam-packed schedule.

By Guest Styler | 2nd October 2015

Naomi Price is a woman on a mission. Fresh off her stint on The Voice, following in the footsteps of her  boyfriend Luke Kennedy, the sassy singer is taking full advantage of the momentum her TV debut afforded her.

Not that she needed to. After all, her latest show Rumour Has It – a comedic cabaret celebrating singer Adele – was a venture that she’d lined up way before she stepped onto the reality show’s stage. This is a show that just keeps seeming to get return season after return season; this time it’s a Queensland Theatre Company co-production and yet again it’s all but sold out. On top of that, Naomi is also preparing to perform in the world premiere of Ladies In Black – a musical written by Split Enz's Tim Finn – in Brisbane before making her debut with the Melbourne Theatre Company.

So, like, does she ever get time to sleep?

“Sort of!” Naomi giggles. “I’m in a busy transition period where I’m going from being a jack of all trades – producer, performer, administrator – into becoming a full-time performer. So many people that have contacted me, so I'm sorry to all those people for not getting back to them yet! But at the moment really building on all the relationships I made while I was on The Voice.”

And it’s not only the music or theatre industries that are calling. “I've actually had a lot of contact with fashion designers for work, like Carla Zampatti – who dressed me on the show – which has been amazing. I’ve done more talking about what I wear in the past few weeks than what I sing!”

Naomi price the voice

The singer's fashion statements on The Voice were as talked about as her vocals. Image: Channel Nine.

Naomi had quite a journey on the popular reality show. At the same time as she was being praised for her unique and powerful musical stylings, media outlets were dredging up events from her past that led to some fairly vicious cyber bullying. Never one to shy away from the controversy, she made the decision to speak out on the issue.

“I felt that if people felt they had the right to not just talk about my voice or my performance, or ability on the show, but actually speak about me in a personally disparaging way, then I felt very passionately that I had the right of reply," she explains. "The most shocking thing for me was where it was mostly coming from. Middle-aged women with kids were writing these long aggressive posts on Facebook about me, about the teenagers on the show, about Delta Goodrem... People who would never say these things in front of their kids or to our faces. That's not right."

But the articulate artist made sure that one thing above all else shone through in her reply. "I wanted to make sure I highlighted it in a positive way. So that it shone a light on it in a way that could help others... Charlotte Dawson took her life because she was relentlessly bullied online and I don't think we should forget that."

So if she could say anything to the bullies, what would it be? Naomi thinks for a minute. “I would probably ask them how they are. Because I don’t think you can be 100 per cent happy and comfortable with yourself and be that violently aggressive online with your words. So I would probably ask if they were OK because maybe no one has asked them in a while.”

Naomi says it’s disheartening when people, and especially the media, choose to write about the same negative things over and over when there are so many more things about who she is and what she does to cover.

“For example I never spoke about the fact that I lost my grandmother in June,” she says. “So in between Super Battles and Live Finals I had to fly back to the UK because my grandmother was dying. That was such an emotional time for me and the next minute I was back in front of the cameras.

"That really made me reassess my lifestyle choices, my health and really take my fitness, eating and lifestyle seriously. She was an amazing woman. I want to make sure that whatever I do in the future is something she can be proud of.”

She also has very strong views on marriage equality. During her blind audition, Naomi spoke out in support of marriage equality when Ricky accidentally called her Luke’s fiancée. It’s not something she intended to say, but definitely something she feels very passionate about.

“Luke and I have both been married before and we are both divorced,” she explains. “We get asked all the time when we’ll get married and we feel it’s hypocritical of us to go and do that and – when we have so many close friends who are gay – to come back and say, ‘Hey guys, sorry, you guys cant even get married once, but we are gonna get married AGAIN.’”

She continues: “Another thing I’m up to that’s more interesting than what got written about is theatre. For the past three years I’ve been running my own company, The Little Red Company, a production house based in Brisbane. We’ve provided employment to a lot of local artists. We’re premiering our third original work next year, which will be announced soon. And we have the Rumour Has It season at QTC. (Story continues below video)

Naomi Price as Adele in her one-woman show Rumour Has It.

“All that kind of gets eclipsed when you’re appearing on national TV, but to me getting my work programmed by QTC is an amazing dream come true and something I’ve worked the past 12 years of my life for. It’s easy to get very blasé about things when a ‘better story’ comes along or get distracted, but for me this 10 day period where I do my one-woman show with the state’s theatre company and it’s all but sold out, I need to treasure every second of that.”

And Naomi says that even though her stint on the reality show is over, it’s still up to the audience to vote and decide what happens to her.

“It’s so easy for people at home to sit back and go ‘I really liked so and so from The Voice, whatever happened them?’ But what happens to me and [winner] Ellie Drennan… what happens to all of us after the show is still up to the audience. Except rather than just voting via text, its up to the TV audience to vote with buying a ticket, leave the couch, get in their car and watch us and engage with us, then buy our music.”

Rumour Has It 
October 7-17
Billie Brown Studio, The GreenHouse, QTC
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