4 Health And Fitness Myths Busted

4 Health And Fitness Myths Busted

Ballet for the boys, included

By Fiona Williams & Dinushka Gunasekara | 7th January 2020

Have you ever been given advice that you wondered has any truth to it? This month we looked at some of the most common myths in the health and fitness sphere and broke it down with our local experts to bring you the ultimate truth bombs.


“Pilates is only for women”

Director of Pilates Studio 64, Jordanna Smith, debunks a common misconception about the effective strengthening and conditioning practice. While it’s true that Pilates is very popular for women, it was actually developed by a man called Joseph Pilates! I have been exposed to many men in in this space, such as my teachers and mentors, with the first being my now husband who was extremely keen to learn Pilates after sustaining an injury from karate. These days, there are so many public male and female figures from around the world who use Pilates as part of their training regimes and overall wellness – such as LeBron James, Maria Sharapova, Christiano Ronaldo and Stephanie Gilmore just to name a few.

What type of person suits Pilates?  

Pilates is suitable for everyone! More often than not, our group classes and small groups are with all age levels, fitness levels and abilities. The ultimate goal in the practice of Pilates is complete and total well-being. From the post-partum mother to a mature aged client to a young or professional athlete, it is suitable for everyone.

Do you have to be a certain body shape to benefit from Pilates?  

It is important as an instructor to assess the many differences between individuals such as age, body type and general flexibility. Pilates allows instructors adaptability to create programs and to use a repertoire to creatively compile a program that will benefit different body types.

PS64 has been thriving since 2005 and continues to offer small individual and personalised studio and group-based Pilates classes. Jordanna and Shayne Smith are also BASI Pilates teaching Facilitators and conduct Pilates teacher training courses around Australia.


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‘’Gyms are intimidating’’

Gym anxiety is a common feeling, but Genesis Health and Fitness Lawnton and Winsdor franchisee, Brenton Williamson, is here to weigh in on your fitness fears.

Our club places a lot of pride on being the gym for everybody. Although many people would argue that gyms are intimidating, we debunk this myth through the quality of our members and staff. We provide an environment that our team would like to work out in, starting with a warm and friendly greeting when you arrive to assistance with your training in a group fitness class, personal training or Coaching Zone session.

What’s offered to Genesis clients to make them comfortable?

Starting a fitness journey at a new gym can be daunting, so when members join, they are offered assistance with their training and introductory packages with one of our 15 highly experienced personal trainers or in our Coaching Zone, which is a small group-training program with an expert coach using the latest MyZone heart rate technology to track your progress. We provide easy access to our team members, who are always available to answer questions. We also offer a Kids Club Crèche and KidsFit classes, which makes coming to the gym easier for parents.

What type of people frequent Genesis?

We have all types of people, from professionals, local parents to young adults. Due to the size and variety of our facilities, we have professional athletes training at our gym during their off-season and we are also very fortunate to have a great portion of older adults who have been training in the club for years.


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‘’ Barre is just for ballerinas’’

We bet you thought Barre was only for dancers. Think again! The top myths busted by the owner of Xtend Barre Stones Corner, Shay Stafford.

Yes, you’d be correct in thinking that Barre = a full-body workout + elements of dance and ballet. However, what we’ll have you know is that Barre is not restricted to people with ballet experience, in fact, you don’t need dance experience at all. Here to put the Barre x ballerina myth to bed is Shay Stafford of Xtend Barre Stones Corner.

Many people believe that some knowledge of ballet is required to do a Barre class. Is this true?

Not at all! Most people who do Xtend Barre have never done a dance class. Many newbies say they have two left feet, are “unco” and can’t touch their toes. Anyone can do Barre. People pick up the moves very quickly and become addicted fast!

For a beginner, can you explain what Barre is and what to expect?

Xtend Barre is a full-body workout done to music. It’s an exhilarating and fun group fitness class held in a boutique dance studio. Anyone can do it! We use dance movements and Pilates fundamentals, so it is safe and effective. The results that people achieve with Barre workouts are toned arms, back, glutes and thighs, improved cardio fitness, core strength, flexibility and better posture too (hello, desk job).

Is Barre only for women?

No! Men can absolutely do Barre and really benefit from it, especially when combined with their existing training. Mixing up your workouts is important, and we see many men improving their flexibility, core strength and coordination due to Barre.


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‘’Personal training can be daunting’’

Personal trainers may seem like they thrive off of your pain, but they are actually more approachable than you think, as the Training Gym Head Coach at Jetts, Bart Walsh, shares.

The moment you have a conversation with one of our friendly personal trainers, you’ll understand we’re here to help, not judge. It’s not about status quo or elitism; it’s about helping you achieve your goals in a way that works for you.

What do Jetts’ personal trainers offer clients to make them comfortable?

Our trainers meet their clients where they are. Every person is unique, and our PTs know this. We will build a plan based upon your fitness and lifestyle. It’s all about health and fitness for life, so we take our time if we need to. We’re humans too! All of your questions will be answered with a simple, down to earth conversation. Our vocation is to get you fit and healthy – all you need to do is reach out.

Many women think weights are only for men. What do you think of this?

This is a common myth we wish would be put to bed! Weight training will build your metabolism, shape your muscles and allow you to push harder in your cardio sessions. It won’t make you bulky, we promise. Ask someone you admire for their workout and we can almost guarantee they use weights. If you don’t know where to start, you know where we are!

What type of people get involved at Jetts?

Everyone! From teenagers to senior superheroes, our clubs cater for all humans. Best of all, this diversity builds a community that spans age and demographic. You have to feel it to truly understand it.


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Article by Fiona Williams & Dinushka Gunasekara

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