We’ve Decoded Millennial Slang So You Can Stay Happenin’ With The Kids

We’ve Decoded Millennial Slang So You Can Stay Happenin’ With The Kids

They say slang, we say WTF!

By Georgie Murray | 9th July 2019

Have you been struggling to keep up in conversation with those born post 1996? Worry no more; we've decoded the latest millennial slang to keep you in the loop. Although Gen Z’s language is certainly creative, we’re not sure how impressed Shakespeare would be with the evolution. Don’t fear, just read on. Thou are welcome.

GOAT - 'Greatest of all time.' You may hear this one in rap songs and in reference to basketball players. (Spoiler alert: most of these seem to derive from the rap genre but I’m certainly not complaining.)

Clout – How this means being famous makes no sense to us. But there it is – if you’re associated with fame or have an influence on society, you have clout.

Ghosting - When a love interest suddenly stops replying and has more or less disappeared from your life. Not replying after three attempts? You've been ghosted, my friend.

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Yeet - Most commonly used in reference to throwing an object accurately or with sass. Can also be used to describe a level of attitude or celebration. An example of this is when someone slam-dunks in b-ball (basketball) and it's a great shot, the player and or crowd may celebrate with an exclamation of 'yeet'.

Flex - Simply put, 'flex' can be defined as 'showing off'. Showing off a new watch? Flex it.

Bands - From thorough research, the term ‘bands’ is referred to stacks of cash. To be more specific, $1000 USD which is considered the ideal amount of cash to fit into a singular ‘band’. For further explanation, I suggest tuning into Drake’s 10 Bands.


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Feels – Catching the feels touches on the sensitive side of life, used to explain a wave of emotions. Otherwise, it can often be used in agreement with someone’s opinion. Example: 'Toy Story is too much of an emotional roller coaster to watch', said Georgie. 'Feels', replied Fiona.

Send it - As if you would when drunk texting - just do it / just send it / go for it. Commonly used in reference to daring experiences such as parkour.

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Lit - light - fire. Do you understand? When something's lit, it's hot. So hot in fact, that a fire is ignited. Example: if Rod Stewart were to release another album, that would be lit.

Woke - Simply put, staying awake but not physically sleeping. Being 'woke' is to be socially aware or conscious. Stay woke kids, stay woke.

Blessup - Made most famous by DJ Khaled (we may need a whole article on Khaled himself - standby), blessup is used as an affirmation between friends or a good-luck, or good-bye. Example: Thanks for today! No worries, bless-up.

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Pavloved - This term is perhaps the closest to traditional we may get, as it references Pavlov’s Dog. Ie. To become the victim of routine to an extent of brain washing and maintain routine despite change of environment.

Tender – This one is freaky fresh and used to express an appreciation of something or someone. An example: Drake’s new song is tender. Translated: Drake’s new song is so good.

TY - Thank you

And with that, ty for reading and blessup! We hope to have informed you so your language can now be lit, without flexing too much. Stay woke and be wary of being pavloved. Don't be a ghost, be a GOAT and just send it. Feels?

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Article by Georgie Murray

Georgie is a Journalist with a knack for bad jokes and dating disasters. A total open book, there’s no topic off limits for this Rod Stewart enthusiast. Starting her career in Broadcast Journalism, Georgie has since gone back to basics of the written word with a particular love for taboo topics and fashion media.


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