We Decoded A List Of Millennial Slang So You Can Stay Up To Date With The Kids

We Decoded A List Of Millennial Slang So You Can Stay Up To Date With The Kids

If you don't know, now you know, boomer

By Georgie Murray | 17th December 2019

A little while ago I created a breakdown of millennial slang so those over the age of 16 could partake in cool, hip, conversation with Gen Z. Now, there’s a new wave of words I’m struggling to understand (and I consider myself cool – but perhaps that’s actually where I’m going wrong?). Anyway, I thought if I don’t understand Gen Z, how on earth would my parents and grandparents? With that, welcome to Volume 2 of Millennial Slang: Decoded. Check out Volume 1 here.

And again, you’re welcome. Coast through the article, be a duke from the jump and share it with your right-hand or eBae, ok Boomer?

Bet – No dollars literally involved here, it simply just means in agreeance, for sure, okay?

Coast – Nope, not the literal coastline, but rather to glide or cruise/chill as if one would take a leisurely cruise along the coastline. Kapeish?

Duke – I don’t quite get this one, but according to the very reputable source, Urban Dictionary, ‘duke’ represents an action of doing the right or noble thing…whatever that thing may be.

eBae – A relationship established online. (This one deserves an award.)

From The Jump – A common saying meaning from the beginning.

Getty – Once upon a time not so long ago, a party meant a party. It then progressed to a ‘gathering’ and now has matured to ‘getty’. But, a getty is not a full-blown party, don’t be so daft. A getty is simply a get together of approximately five to 12 people.

Kek – ‘Lol’, in gamer-talk. Yep, we’re talking World of Warecraft.

Lifted – To feel mentally lighter due to illicit substances.

LLC – Commonly, LLC stands for ‘Limited Liability Corporation’, but in this day and age thanks to Nicki Minaj it can now mean ‘low list celebrity’.

Ok Boomer – This originated on the world-wide-web or the ‘www’, if you will, and is used to diss those born in the Baby Boomer era.

Racks – Similar to ‘bands’ in Volume 1 of Millennial Slang, racks means cash within a rubber band. Apparently, one rack is $1K. The term has also been made famous by American rapper, Tyga so you can thank him for this one.

Ratchet - A ghetto-dialect mispronunciation of the English term "wretched". Another shout-out to Urban Dictionary for that one.

Right Hand – Your go-to, the one you rely on day and night. Please speak to Drake for further questioning.

Whip – This is certainly not a new saying, so if you don’t know this one, check yourself before you wreck yourself. This means car, got it?


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Article by Georgie Murray

Georgie is a Journalist with a knack for bad jokes and dating disasters. A total open book, there’s no topic off limits for this Rod Stewart enthusiast. Starting her career in Broadcast Journalism, Georgie has since gone back to basics of the written word with a particular love for taboo topics and fashion media.


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