Finding Your Feminine: What Power Means For The Modern Woman

Finding Your Feminine: What Power Means For The Modern Woman

Power. It’s a funny thing, isn’t it?

By Tamille Head | 1st March 2018

What does it mean to be a woman in 2018? Despite all the labels we’re given—career woman, working mum, stay at home mum, feminist—we’re complex creatures who can’t be pigeonholed or given one specific label. Now more than ever, being a woman is all about having different layers, that can be called upon when needed. We can be sensitive but also strong, polite and powerful.

Yet many women have spent their whole lives striving to succeed by making it in a man’s world. Adopting stereotypical masculine qualities in order to get ahead and come into their power. But things are changing. More and more, women are realising that this way of being is no longer sustainable.

In the process of making our presence known in the boardroom and fighting for our rights throughout history, we have slowly stepped further into the power of the masculine and unknowingly lost connection to our natural and authentic feminine energy.

While it was once about climbing to the top of the corporate ladder, now it’s more about pausing and making time for ourselves. Really tuning in to what makes sense for us. Power is not about a corner office or a fast car, it’s about realising what is inside you and reclaiming the qualities that make us inherently feminine.

If the start of 2018 is any indication, this year is all about women reclaiming their power. In the wake of the Weinstein watershed and the #MeToo movement that followed, and as we look to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, there’s never been a better time to talk about how we can reclaim our feminine power once more.

P.E Nation co-founder, Pip Edwards, has adopted an interesting method in order to reclaim her feminine power, citing Pilates as her saving grace.

“It’s my new mantra. It has allowed me to connect with my female self,” Edwards says.

“I’m an alpha female that’s really fucking strong…and then I’ve gone into Pilates where I have actually had to work my pelvic floor. I’m activating my feminine organs. It’s trying to understand that the connection to being feminine is actually the strongest connection of all.”

Her new habit has not been lost on her followers. Edwards is in the best shape of her life, both physically and professionally.

The modern woman lives in a time where her possibilities are endless, meaning she has the opportunity to create life on her own terms. For Melissa Ambrossini, there is no truer sentiment. She has built an empire from the core belief of living your truth and with close to 100K followers and two published books to her name, she’s inspiring a growing hoard of women to reconnect to theirs. This, she believes, is what power truly means.

“Staying in your truth and speaking your truth. That’s powerful,” she says. “You can climb the corporate ladder if that’s your truth but burning yourself out in the process might not be. Staying true to yourself, your energy and your feminine power is so important because that’s why we are here.”

The best-selling author, and host of The Melissa Ambrossini Show podcast, encourages women across the globe to live life on their own terms.

“Now more than ever we are so disconnected from ourselves so we need to realign and connect so that we stay true to ourselves and on our true path.”

Angela Simson is singing to the same tune. Her business, The Gratitude Project, has seen phenomenal growth, building a whole tribe of like-minded followers. Described as a female health and happiness coach, Simson is certainly living life on her own terms.

“I think women have the ability to do anything, but in our essence, we’re more delicate and feminine than our male counterparts in the workplace. So, it’s important we respect that,” she says.

“We tend to mirror and model those who went before us and the truth is, the world is changing and we need to be flexible to adjust with it and in ways that serve what we need also. So, checking in with what that means for each individual is super important.”

By definition, power means having the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behaviour of others or the course of events.

Whether that means speaking out against sexual harassment and women’s rights, as is the case in Hollywood right now, or simply chasing your dreams and setting an example for others to do the same, 2018 is the year for women. And that in itself, is truly powerful.

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Article by Tamille Head

Tamille was a Journalist at Style Magazines. She enjoys green smoothies and gin & soda (with cucumber) in equal measures. When she’s not writing about lifestyle trends, she can be found heading to gigs, adding to her hat collection, or ducking down to the coast for a salt water fix. She can rarely be found in the kitchen because pizza is life.


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