Competitions; win-win situtation?

Competitions; win-win situtation?

Are competitions a win-win situation? Style’s Digital Manager Riria Taukamo weighs in.

By Riria (Ree) Taukamo | 30th March 2015

Everybody loves a good competition but is it attracting the right audience for your brand? Competitions can bring an influx of engagement, which is exhilarating, but at the same time it can be deflating when the new following you’ve acquired isn’t loyal or the right demographic. So, how do you attract attention from genuine punters who aren’t in it just for the thrill of the win?


Offer a prize that is valuable in experience not necessarily dollar, is simple to market and delivers a WOW factor.


Devising a campaign around how you are going to promote this is vital in order to maximise your results. What buzz can you create around the competition that isn’t just directly promoting the competition link? Think about creating engaging editorial, themed events, and smaller promotions or giveaways in conjunction with the competition. Choose marketing channels that allow you to reach YOUR target market and that are measurable. Facebook, collaborations with other businesses and partnering up with media organisations are just a couple of suggestions.


What do you want your new audience to do? Like, share, sign-up, regram…be clear on the rules of entering and keep it simple! Social media is a great way to market your campaign as entrants can help to promote and create a buzz around the competition, with little financial cost to the business.

Lastly, don’t set yourself up for disappointment and have fun with it! A competition should be seen as a branding exercise; an opportunity to generate conversation, engagement and a buzz around your business - any new subscribers and followers are a bonus! And lastly, don’t forget to check out our Las Vegas comp!


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Article by Riria (Ree) Taukamo

Riria (Ree) Taukamo is the Sales and Marketing Manager at Style Magazines. A bit of an analytical nerd at heart, she also admits to having a sports obsession, being a token kiwi and having an uncontrollable sweet tooth!