The Lowdown On How To Make The Most Of Those Dreaded Sundays

The Lowdown On How To Make The Most Of Those Dreaded Sundays

Here’s how to prep for a productive week.

By Jasmine Rolfe | 17th June 2019

Wearing our busyness like a badge of honour, oftentimes we find ourselves saying ‘yes’ to professional and personal commitments when we are already stretched for time and as a result, our health and fitness goals get pushed to the wayside. Nowadays we are all busy in one way or another, though there are small things we can do to streamline and enjoy our week, as Brisbane health and fitness influencer Nicole Hall explains.


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Having a clear mind is Nicole’s key to managing her overflowing cup of busy, revealing her five Sunday rituals for refreshing her mind, getting a restful sleep and giving herself a boost of energy to start her week.

While the copy rights to the phrase ‘I’m busy’ cannot legally be given to this generation it could be argued as the two buzz words of the 21st century and we don’t seem to be slowing down.

One woman’s world that seems to spin faster every year is Brisbane health and fitness influencer Nicole Hall and while she embraces the chaos, she is the first to admit that she often finds it difficult to unwind. Having a clear mind to begin her week is Nicole’s key to managing her overflowing cup of busy, revealing to us her five Sunday rituals for refreshed energy and something she does every day, which she believes is the key to a deeper sleep.

Covering off all bases Nicole also shares her tips to rounding out a healthy homerun, by educating herself and fuelling her body with nutritious (and convenient) food that works for HER!

Sunday Rituals For Success

1. Sleep (And A Lot Of It)

I typically start my Sunday by not setting an alarm; it can be so jarring to wake up to that noise so on Sunday I’ll let myself wake up naturally. Besides, if I know I have extra hours to sleep I’m gonna go for it (laughs). I also won’t check my phone or social media straight away.

2. Fresh Air

My partner and I will then pack our fur babies into the car and head to the coast, jump in the ocean and just breathe. It’s almost like getting out in the fresh air refreshes us and semi-cleanses our minds from the busy week.

3. Food For Fuel

When it comes to food for the week I’m an advocate for doing whatever works for you [whether that be ordering groceries online, meal prepping etc]. I will often do a quick grocery shop but I’m lucky enough to have a fresh meal prep company for convenience as well. I’m all about that convenience!

4. Make A Plan

By Sunday afternoon I’m already feeling refreshed from and I set about planning my week ahead. I’ll take out my diary and put everything that’s in my head onto paper. My work commitments, travel time, even my meals I schedule in. I always find I have a clearer head if I have some direction and it makes me excited going into Monday.

5. Don’t Hate, Appreciate

My life, especially over the past year and a bit, has gotten so hectic and it is hard not to get a bit high strung and caught up in all of it. The one determining factor to staying grounded I’ve found, is gratitude journaling because it reminds me what I have to be grateful for and brings me back to earth.

I also love journaling because we’re all human and not every day is going to go according. We all have days when we’re just not feeling ourselves, so it’s on those days that I read back over my journal and it instantly reminds me what I’ve accomplished and sparks my motivation again.

The other game-changer for me that I’ve only just started this year is meditation, which I know is a hot topic in the wellness industry but I use the App called ‘Headspace’ which has a timer and I don’t think I’ve ever heard the end, because I always pass out beforehand. I’ve never had a deeper, more restful sleep in my life. I love sleep if you couldn’t already tell.


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Complete Your Health Halo With These Simple Nutrition Tips

Put Your Hand Up

Research your macros and the nutritional content of food, ask questions of likeminded people and don’t be afraid to ask for help from a trusted professional.

Learn Your Labels

Sugar alcohols, sucrose, fructose, some ‘all natural ingredients’ they all add up.

Tweak For Intolerances

A meal plan that worked for your best friend may not work for you so through trial-and-error find out what works for you.

Pack In The Protein

Many of my clients struggle to get enough protein into their day. Breakfast is the easiest meal to add it in. Think cereal splashed in a protein shake, a savoury or SWEET egg white omelette (think cinnamon and caramelised banana) or ‘proats’.

Food Fads

The H&F industry is ever-evolving so while it celery juice might be the buzz this month, you can guarantee it’ll be something else in another 30 days. You need to find what works for you in the long term and if celery juice does, then great. But I for one couldn’t scull a glass of celery juice every morning and make it a lifestyle. I’d prefer it covered in peanut butter - whatever works for you!

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Article by Jasmine Rolfe

The chick who decided she wanted to become a journalist after winning a grade two writing competition, Jasmine has been scribbling and creating for most of her life. With a never-ending stream of movie quotes stored in her brain and an eternally open-mind, Jaz thrives on executing incredible custom campaigns (complete with an obligatory high-five at the end). Having begun her career in health and fitness magazines before moving to Brissy and diving head-first into the fashion and lifestyle scene, she’s now found her niche in home and interiors, with a sprinkle of skincare and beauty on the side.


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