How to Make Your Co-Workers Envy Your Desk

How to Make Your Co-Workers Envy Your Desk


By Kiri Johnston | 29th September 2016

Coming into work is hard enough without seeing the same clinical-looking desk every day. Put your co-workers to shame and accessorise your desk with a touch of your own personal style! Here are a few of my favourite picks:

1. Flora

You spend part of the day gazing out a window, wishing you were soaking up the sunshine, so why not bring a bit of nature inside? Add some fresh blooms when you’re in the mood, or pick up a plant that requires minimal maintenance such as a succulent.

2. Calendar

Time flies when you’re having fun! And also when you’re stuck in an office and all the days blur together. Keep up-to-date with a calendar; stick it on a wall next to your desk where it’s clearly visible. You’ll never forget birthdays or catch-ups again!

3. Art

A piece of artwork always brings an area together, whether it’s an inspirational quote, a dream holiday destination, an abstract piece or just something you love to look at. Find a piece with colours that tie into the rest of your desk décor.

4. Stationery

Shopping for stationery is just as exciting now as it was when we were 10 years old. These days you can find cool highlighters, pens, sticky notes, sticky tape dispensers, staplers and much more. Not only will they add some fun and colour to your workspace, you’ll be more productive than ever!

5. Candle

Sure, you have the fluorescent lights overhead but sometimes you need a bit more brightness to awaken your area. Burning a candle every now and then will also help freshen up your space and get rid of any dingy office odours.

6. Storage

Hide away your ugly paperwork in funky folder holders, chuck your pens in a cool pencil case and put everything else in an organiser (like the type we had in primary school) to hold everything together.

7. Personalised cup

Whether you’re a coffee addict, tea drinker or a H2O fan, make sure you have a cup that’s reserved just for you! Make it unique with a photo of your favourite animal or a funny quote.

8. Accessories

For the final touches, add some cute accessories to perk up your desk. Use a desk clock, your favourite books or frames with some of your best memories. You can even bring something from home that shows your personal taste (vintage, bohemian, coastal, etc.) without going too over the top!

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Article by Kiri Johnston

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