The Luxury Vehicles Celebs Can’t Stop Buying

The Luxury Vehicles Celebs Can’t Stop Buying

Sometimes one extravagant whip just isn’t enough!

By Emmy-Lou McKean | 13th November 2017

Whether you see it as a reward for all of your hard work or a way to show off your extravagance, a luxury vehicle is the one thing that can combine an everyday necessity with frivolity.

For many, a roof over one’s head is a necessity, but for those with a passion for nice things, a luxury vehicle is worth every dollar. And for celebrities, one extravagant whip just isn’t enough.

We take a look at the amazing luxury vehicles owned by celebrities. Whether they’ve bought them for their speed or for status, prepare to get jealous.


First cab off the rank goes to none other than Co-founder of Cash Money Records, one of the most influential hip-hop labels in the world, Birdman. The rapper splurged on a $2.5 million Bugatti Veyron to prove his success in 2010. The multimillion-dollar luxury vehicle is still currently the fastest car that is permitted on the road at a top speed of just over 400 kilometres per hour. Not to be outdone by his former mentor Birdman, rapper Lil’ Wayne has his own Bugatti Veyron with matte black finish and other exclusive customisations that contributed to its $2.7 million price tag.

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There is no question that Mercedes-Benz is the height of luxury in the car world and it isn’t a surprise that many celebs have a Merc (or two) sitting in their driveways. From Maybachs to AMGs, when the richest of the rich want to prove their star status they flock to the three-pointed star. The likes of the Kardashians, Justin Bieber, Drake and Floyd Mayweather are all fans of the brand and are known for adding new Mercedes-Benzs to their line up of luxury vehicles regularly. In 2014, PR Queen Roxy Jacenko splurged on a Mercedes-Benz SLK 250 as a gift for her star employee of seven years. If that isn’t a work perk, I don’t know what is! Whether you want instant celeb status or want to score brownie points for being a top boss, you can request a test drive in anything from a Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV to an AMG GT at Mercedes-Benz Brisbane.


Kylie Jenner is known for owning an impressive collection of luxury vehicles and most recently the makeup mogul has added an Orange Lamborghini Aventador to her line up. The roadster retails for at least $400k and has caused a stir in the media recently, as she famously took back the car from her ex-boyfriend Tyga.

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Just like Lamborghinis, Ferraris are an example of status. Whether you’re a socialite, a professional athlete or a musician, it seems as though you haven’t hit celebrity status until you own a Ferrari. And the more exclusive your whip, the better. Once you become a special Ferrari client like celebrity chef and Ferrari aficionado Gordon Ramsay, you’ll be offered exclusive access to limited models that can’t be bought anywhere else. Check out Ramsay driving his new Ferrari F12 TDF, which is one of only 799 models made.


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Article by Emmy-Lou McKean

Emmy-Lou McKean is a Journalist at Style Magazines. She is a self-confessed pyjama enthusiast and on her weekends when she isn't in said pyjamas you'll find her enjoying live music, sipping Matcha lattes and eating her way through Brisbane and beyond.


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