8 Luxury Tech Gadgets We Need To Get Our Hands On

8 Luxury Tech Gadgets We Need To Get Our Hands On

The future is looking pretty damn slick.

By Siobhan Taylor | 6th September 2017

The tech world is constantly evolving and adapting to reflect the needs and values of consumers. More than ever, consumers are forward thinking with regards to their consumption of and relationship with technology. More than just the “now”, we are also thinking about the “next” and what is to come. We decided to take a look at some of the tech gadgets and luxury brands that are creating not just an impact on technology today, but also in the years to come.

Bulgari Vault

From the same label that crafts high-end jewellery, the Bulgari Vault is a mobile app that guarantees to secure your digital life for optimal peace of mind. In a partnership with WISeKey, the Swiss leader in e-security, the application secures and manages all your sensitive information and digital assets in one place. Whether it’s passwords, banking credentials, credit cards, documents, photos, or secure messages, the app offers the utmost level of security with industry-leading technology. In addition, there are four identification measures, - including TouchID, facial recognition, encryption, and asymmetric keys - the Android and iOS app is also secured in hard storage in Switzerland, where the data is physically stored in high-security bunkers in the Swiss Alps. It might sound like overkill, but if you have any sensitive or personal information you would like to store, particularly in the growing age of the digital world, we can’t imagine anywhere more secure than this.

Diamond Foundry

Since their discovery, we have long lusted after clear diamonds and beautiful cuts. Recent years have seen a growing awareness of blood diamonds and the impact of diamond trade on international conflict. Many people have been looking for a cleaner, safer, and more ethical way to source diamonds. It seems that the American brand Diamond Foundry may have the answer: manmade diamonds. Located in San Francisco, Diamond Foundry utilises pioneering solar power technology to re-create the environment in which diamonds naturally form. By doing so, they are able to create stunning, pristine, high-quality diamonds without participating in the destructive diamond trade. More than just creating diamonds, they are also able to celebrate every significant milestone of your life with their wide range of beautiful diamond jewellery. Alternatively, you can purchase loose diamonds and have them crafted by the jeweller of your choice. Whichever you choose, we envisage companies such as Diamond Foundry will have a significant impact on the way we create and trade jewels.


JetSmarter enables users to jet through life on their own terms. They describe their goal as an attempt to “democratise private aviation” using mobile technology. Using the mobile app, members can reserve seats on more than 50 routes across The United States, Europe and The Middle East in minutes. It’s like Uber, but with private jets. As the only company currently providing this service, JetSmarter is paving a new avenue in the crowdsourcing industry. As such, they are making on-demand private charter flights more accessible to more people. More than just a charter service, JetSmarter connects users with their destination, other like-minded members, and on-the-ground luxury experiences. We can’t think of a better way to get from LA to NY.

Hear One Earpieces

The purpose of Hear One is simple – it’s designed to assist users in manipulating sounds in the world around them. Using onboard microphones, sound processors, and an intuitive mobile application, Hear One earpieces are designed to target specific sounds so that users can turn them up and down. For example, if you are in a crowded bar and struggling to hear your friends, you can lower the background noise and boost their voices, if you are at the office and colleagues are having a loud conversation, you can turn them down. More than this, Hear One also wirelessly connects to your device so you can listen to music, answer calls, communicate with Siri or Google Now, and fine-tune real-world sound with your device’s audio for the perfect balance. While in practice the Hear One is not as effective as you would hope (currently, it is more effective at quieting general background noise as opposed to specific sounds) it is still an interesting look into the way headphone technology and innovation is rapidly adapting to our needs. With these tech gadgets, maybe we are closer to the movie Her than we thought?

LG Wallpaper OLED TV

If you thought TV viewing was dead, then prepare to be proven wrong, as the LG Wallpaper OLED TV has completely revolutionised television technology. As brands race to create the thinnest possible TV without sacrificing the specs consumers love, LG has masterfully accomplished the impossible. The result? The new LG series that doesn’t look anything like a TV, instead, it looks more like a picture on the wall. At an impossibly thin 4mm, the Wallpaper fits snugly against the wall when mounted (utilising its unique magnetic brackets) and blends in seamlessly with its surrounds. The perfect black OLED display showcases over 1 billion colours in breathtaking detail, while the Active HDR and Dolby Vision drastically enhance images on the screen. Available in 65-inch and 77-inch models, the razor-thin TV and ground-breaking technology has upped-the-ante for fans of home cinema. We’re excited to see what’s next for home viewing, but in the meantime we will continue watching Netflix on the TV we bought off Gumtree.


If you thought drones were just a toy or a phase, you were wrong. Drones – more formally known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) – are changing the face of technology and industry. While you probably know at least one person who has bought a personal drone for videography purposes (drones are regularly used for real estate, sporting events, and film and TV) the new tech advancements are far more exciting. These aerial robots are being utilised in a variety of ways, including disaster relief and consumer goods delivery. With regards to disaster relief, drones are able to locate injured people, damaged buildings, and accessible roads, ensuring services like SES are able to effectively communicate and plan in times of need. And with regards to consumer goods delivery, you may have heard how companies such as 7-Eleven, DHL and Amazon are exploring the ways drones can change the way we order and receive goods. Drones will be critical in the way Australia adapts and changes as the 21st century continues to unfold.

Mercedes-Benz Plug-in Hybrid Series

As the demands on today’s cars continue to evolve and change to reflect consumer values, Mercedes-Benz proves they are prepared to adapt and develop more dynamic, more efficient, and more intelligent vehicles than ever before. Their Plug-in Hybrid range is an important reflection of consumer desires to adopt environmentally friendly vehicles without sacrificing the latest technological developments in automotive. Using sustainable technology, the range is low-consumption and low-emission without compromising comfort or safety. Luxurious and sporty as you would expect from Mercedes-Benz, the Plug-in Hybrid combines performance and sensational fuel consumption for a superior drive. The sedan fuel consumption clocks in at a meagre 2.4L/100km, meaning you could drive from Brisbane to Byron Bay on less than $6 of fuel.

The vehicles are designed to be adaptable to the user’s lifestyle, and as such offer two charging options: utilising a power cable plugged into a normal wall socket, or the uniquely developed Mercedes-Benz wall box which halves charging time and is installed by a professional (and for a limited time, comes free with a Plug-in Hybrid purchase*). With Sedan, Estate, SUV, and Long Saloon options, the range has been developed with Australian users in mind. Mercedes-Benz Brisbane has the entire Plug-in Hybrid range on hand for you to test drive anytime, and the team are on hand to help demystify any questions you might have about this quickly developing segment in luxury motoring.

Smile To Pay

Ant Financial, which operates the Alipay electronic payment platform, has recently unveiled the world’s first commercial application of a facial recognition payment system! Is that not absolutely amazing? Utilising the latest in facial recognition technology, the “Smile to Pay” application recognises and identifies your face in seconds, and then verifies the individual with their mobile number. Unveiled at KPRO, a new KFC restaurant in Hangzhou China, the new payment system has proven itself to be highly intelligent and is even able to discern disguises, makeup, and spoofing attempts by using other people’s photos or video recordings. For those who are sceptical or concerned, Alipay users can disable the feature at any time. This technology is a huge advancement for mobile payments, and while it may not overtake the effortless useability of payWave and PayPass, we can definitely see it’s potential to transform the face of mobile payments.

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