How to live life free of weight worries

How to live life free of weight worries

Live your dreams, not your dramas

By Glenn Mackintosh | 5th June 2017

Hello again, Stylers!

Last week I said I felt we were becoming addicted to the scales, and asked if your well-being would be better served without the weight focus.

It was great to hear all of your responses, and you generally agreed with me, but with the inevitable question: “If not the scales, then what is my motivator?”

This is a very good question.

Although I like the scales about as much as I like the result of the last State of Origin game, the reality is, they are motivating. So I want to give you some ideas on setting non-weight goals to motivate you next time you go on a health kick.

The easy thing about setting non-weight goals is they can be anything you want.

For a minute, do an activity with me.

Make yourself comfortable, take a few deep breaths, even close your eyes if you want to. Allow yourself a few minutes to daydream about everything you want within the next year or so – think about work, play, relationships, travel, health - anything your heart desires. Try to imagine the details and paint the picture as vividly as you can.

What did you imagine?

A clean house, new car or a holiday?
A feeling of inner peace, enthusiasm, or happiness?
A healthy body, level of fitness or fresh new look?
A steady job, a promotion or a career change?
A bigger friendship circle, harmonious family life or a special someone?

Rather than assuming weight loss is the gatekeeper for achieving these things, go after them directly. Forget the weight goal (if it had worked in the past, you wouldn’t be reading this), set some specific, measurable, realistic goals for getting exactly what you really want, and get to work.

When setting goals, I often recommend choosing a one-year time frame, and choosing up to four main goals, with 25 per cent, 50 per cent, 75 per cent and 100 per cent intervals to keep you motivated along the way. I call this Whole Person Goal Setting* as it allows you to zoom out from your weight and see your health, wellbeing and success as multifaceted.

When you set these goals, your health journey will have a new feel to it. It will be holistic, balanced and positive, which is a great first step on the journey towards a healthier you.

*For a simple goal-setting sheet I use with my clients, see our Free Resources page and download the WMP Goal Setting (outcome goals) Sheet.

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Article by Glenn Mackintosh

Glenn, A.K.A “The Weight Psych”, is a YouTuber, TV Personality and psychologist specialising in eating, movement, weight, and body-image.


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