How to Live the Beauty and the Beast Live Action Experience

How to Live the Beauty and the Beast Live Action Experience

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By Sarah Taviani | 9th March 2017

If you’ve been waiting for the Beauty and the Beast live action film for as long as I have, you’re probably drooling over all of the merchandise that’s being released. So I took a stroll through my internet history and came up with the merch and experiences you can’t miss.

The Disneyland Experience

Fantasyland at Disneyland has had a makeover! The Village Haus Restaurant has been (temporarily) transformed into the Red Rose Taverne to promote the release of the Beauty and the Beast live action film. The most exciting item on the menu? The Grey Stuff!

I’ve tasted The Grey Stuff at Disney World’s Be Our Guest Restaurant and can confirm it was delicious. But apparently Disneyland has put a new spin on the dish! This iteration involves a base of shortbread with grey mousse swirled around a red velvet cake, in which you’ll find a single whole raspberry.

If you’re visiting Disneyland, you can also look forward to the Maurice’s Treats food stall. Choose between three pastries (strawberry, chocolate or cheddar garlic bagel twists) and wash them down with a Boysen Apple Freeze in a souvenir goblet or stein.

The High Tea Experience

“But I can’t GO to Disneyland, Sarah,” I hear you say. “That’s incredibly expensive and also I’m scared of being wrongfully detained at the airport like Mem Fox.”

Well, I have some good news! If you want to pretend you’re in the Beauty and the Beast live action film, you can just toddle on down to Sydney and enjoy a themed high tea at Sofitel Sydney Wentworth.

For $69 per adult (and $29 per child), you’ll be treated to French delicacies such as passion cheesecake, white chocolate dome and strawberry rose tartlet, along with other high tea favourites.

If you’re not already tipsy on the pure joy that comes with reliving your childhood, you can upgrade to include a glass of sparkling wine or Veuve Clicquot.

Oh, and this experience is only available until the end of June so you’d better book in ASAP!


Oh, yes. There’s actually more than one fashion line inspired by the Beauty and the Beast live action film!

Kohl’s has a line for juniors that seems to be very reasonably-priced, with nothing more than $58. The collection features a lot of rose-inspired patterns, as you might expect, but there are also simpler options to suit Belle’s gorgeous peasant wardrobe, and even some graphic tees!

Hot Topic is a haven for any geek chic line you can think of. This new fashion line is more explicitly derived from the movie – there’s even a CAPE! And every item (for the females, anyway) also comes in plus sizes.

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There’s no shortage of Disney-inspired products on the market but if you want something a bit more official, you can check out some of the accessories from The Disney Store, including a replica of Belle’s rose tree necklace.


Do you like tea? Actually, I don’t even care if you like tea. If you like ANYTHING, you will love this Mrs Potts tea set.

Or how about a GIGANTIC Chip mug?

If you want your own enchanted rose, check this one out. It’s technically “not at all affiliated with Beauty and the Beast” but who’s really going to say no to this? It’ll last for a year if it has no direct contact with sunlight, excessive heat or moisture. And you should probably keep it away from any wandering Enchantresses as well.


An original addition to the Beauty and the Beast live action film, Lost in a Book is a tale about Belle getting… well, lost in a book. Literally. She enters another world and struggles to get out and I want to read it NOW.

There’s also this stunning MinaLima edition of Beauty and the Beast! MinaLima is the design studio responsible for the Harry Potter movies, so you just know it’s going to blow your mind. It may not be directly associated with the new Beauty and the Beast movie but seriously. Would you pass this up?

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