Learn to Improve Your Emotional Fitness

Learn to Improve Your Emotional Fitness

Cynthia Morton and Lorillie Cunningham lead a boot camp for your soul.

By Cynthia Morton | 4th February 2016

Interested in improving your emotional fitness? Know someone who could do with a helping hand when it comes to learning how to become happier at heart?

Lorilie Cunningham, the colourful style queen of Paddington’s Happiness Place, has recently joined forces with twice-published emotional fitness consultant Cynthia Morton to offer a quartet of unique and intimate Saturday afternoon workshops.

Over the past 20 years, Cynthia’s work in emotional fitness has led to various books and workshops, and her efforts have been recognised with several awards, including The Pride of Australia Medal, an Award of Distinction for Services to Humanity, the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence and even the Australian of the Year (2005 Local Hero category).

This forthcoming series of workshops will offer pre-release sneak peeks into Cynthia’s next book, The Four Seasons of the Heart, due to be published later this year.

When it comes to sustaining happiness in our everyday lives, many of us can relate to feeling four seasons in one day. Dealing with these fluctuating emotions and avoiding self-sabotage requires an emotionally fit heart.

The February Summer Workshop will focus on Anger, unpacking the feelings of grief and loss, and investing in the art of creating robust and healthy boundaries. May’s Autumn Workshop is all about Change, dealing with anxiety, confusion and emotional safety. The August Winter Workshop deals with Sadness, including depression, tears and the healing powers of humour. The last in the series, the November Spring Workshop, will explain the process of Growth, how to avoid self-sabotage and instead focus on healing self-care rituals and simple meditation techniques.

Seating at the Happiness Place 2016 workshops will be limited; if one or all of the emotional fitness seasonal workshops tickles your fancy, take the time to book now and avoid disappointment. For information on how to book, simply email [email protected].

Style readers wanting to know more about emotional fitness can check out Cynthia’s online Word Vitamin series.


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Article by Cynthia Morton

Cynthia Morton is an award-winning wordsmith and speaker, highly skilled in the art of improving emotional fitness through her heart-warmingly healing workshops, storytelling and private sessions.


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