The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Workwear

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Workwear

Hit the snooze button one more time; these classic outfit options will eliminate your daily work wardrobe war.

By Sarah Taviani | 11th July 2016

Having a job is awesome. It means MONEY. But it also means having to buy corporate clothes for the office instead of wearing your ACTIVEWEAR, ACTIVEWEAR. Super lame.

So what do you do? Well, you could spend all your hard-earned money on clothes for work. But no one wants to do that. Going to work every day is quite enough, thank you. The next best thing is creating a uniform for yourself. And no, we don’t mean plaid dresses and knee socks (although that does sound a bit amazing). We’re talking a classic outfit you can wear every day without having to think about it.

Option 1:

Matilda Kahl

Matilda Kahl. Image: Pinterest

You’ve probably heard about Matilda Kahl, the woman who wears the same thing to work every day. She chose to buy 15 silk white shirts, a few pairs of white pants, and topped it off with a custom-made black leather rosette around her neck. Choosing a uniform meant she no longer had to think about what to wear and could focus more of her energy on her actual job and feel like she was in control.

And why not? In business environments, most men wear suits every day. If they’re feeling creative they could mix up their shirt colour but a white shirt day in, day out would not faze anyone in the least. So eff the haters who think it’s weird for a woman to wear the same thing to work every day. You own a WASHING MACHINE. You can wear the same thing as often as you like.

Option 2:

If wearing the exact same thing every day doesn’t tickle your fancy, then try a different route: take a basic combo like black pants and a white button-up shirt and get ready to accessorise!

 Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

You can dress your look up or down with cardigans, scarves, jewellery, statement necklaces and shoes while having a wardrobe staple that will never let you down. Plus, if you ever don’t feel up to accessorising then you can just chuck everything and wear the white pants and shirt by themselves.

And yes, we specified a button-up shirt because it means you can even unbutton it when you want and wear a coloured tee underneath for a more casual vibe. We recommend going for a more relaxed fit as well so you can tailor your look to suit your mood.

Option 3:

 Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

Still not feeling it? We have one foolproof suggestion: black pants and a classic skirt. Use these as your base and go nuts choosing any shirt you want. You can go for a pencil skirt or a fit and flare – whatever makes you feel good.

If you’re sick to death of plain black bottoms, you could choose a black and white striped combo instead. Black and white is a classic combo for a reason and it’ll look awesome with any of the tops you choose.
Work it, because you're fabulous!


Image: Giphy

Image: Giphy


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Article by Sarah Taviani

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