You Need To Know Magnus Murphy, Brisbane’s Modern Muse

You Need To Know Magnus Murphy, Brisbane’s Modern Muse

A triple threat, hard to forget

By Georgie Murray | 4th November 2019

Magnus Murphy is a name you’ll want to remember, although I’ve since learnt it’s a hard one to forget. The Brisbane born musician is a triple threat: singer, producer and model, and is leading the city to new high notes while making his mark along the way. With a charming character and gentlemanly manner, the momentum Magnus has gained is intriguing. Returning from a stint of couch surfing and gigging in LA, I managed to snag a hot minute with the muso on everything music and more.

How do you describe what you do? Are you a singer or a producer?

I’m in both worlds; I’m a solo artist and performer but I also produce a lot of my own work. But, collaborate, write and produce for other artists too.

If you had to choose one title of what you do, what would it be?

Performer. The stage is what I love.

How do you describe your style and sound?

Anthemic pop

Simply, why music?

It’s a way I thought I could have some kind of impact on the world. I tossed up a lot of careers and was lucky enough to start studying law but I felt like it’s quite reactive - you help after the fact. Whereas, with music, it’s the best, most proactive way to help and solve issues in the world if you can build a voice.

Are you a self-taught musician?

I’m half and half – I did a degree in music production and learnt piano, violin and clarinet classically from a seven year old through to 15 from lessons at school. I then picked up a guitar at ten, taught myself and never put it down.


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What’s your creative process like?

If it’s for myself I usually find a sound I really like first and work from there. For other artists I find what their influences are and then recreate their own style. For song writing, it’s usually when I’m driving or at work – really inconvenient times! But generally, it’s the sound and music first and then I select previously written lyrics to go with that.

Have you got a pre-gig ritual?

I have to hit the gym or do some kind of exercise! My vocals are so much better after exercise. If I have it, I’ll have some manuka honey – it’s pretty boring!

If you could have anything in your green room, what would you have? Go full Mariah Carey.

Bottle of Hendricks and a bottle of tequila, For sure!

Brisbane is heating up when it comes to the music scene, where’s the best place to catch a gig?

For emerging artists, definitely The Zoo and Ivory Tusk!

What’s the biggest challenge being a musician?

It’s not just the music, it’s having an already established following and image that music labels will want and to be properly recognized.

What’s coming up for Magnus?

I’m releasing two new tracks and a music video, very very soon. The next song is about wanting to get away from the usual day to day and just jump on a plane and go somewhere.


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Quickfire Questions:

Soundtrack to your life?

Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy

Your dream collaboration would be with..

Ryan Tedder. He’s an amazing producer and his band One Republic are one of my biggest influences.

Your go-to karoke song?

Blue Suede Shoes by Elvis Presely

Stuck on an island and you’ve only got one album to play, what is it?

That’s so hard! But AM by Arctic Monkeys

Does pineapple go on pizza? (Groundbreaking question)



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Article by Georgie Murray

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