If you’re anything like the Style girls, when you found out that Khloe Kardashian (arguably the best Kardashian of them all) announced that she was pregnant, you probably squealed with excitement. After all her struggles, all her successes, and all the goddamn rumours, we were thrilled to hear that she would be adding her own mini-me to the Kardashian-Jenner clan, and we wish her allllll the happiness in the world!

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While I’ve never personally experienced pregnancy, I’ve heard it’s pretty shit. Like, the miracle of life and everything is amazing, but actually being pregnant is super uncomfortable. With needing to pee every 20 minutes, the weird cravings, and all the things you need to plan (“What colour should we paint their room?! Will they wear Nikes or Adidas or BOTH?!”), the stress of having to choose a name which they will carry for their entire life is less than welcome. In a #klan with names as unique as the Kardashians (and whose name doubles as their brand), the name you choose is a big ‘effing deal.

Since we don’t have an address to send a congratulations present (it was going to be Swarovski-crusted Lego, in case you were wondering), we thought we draft up a list of name options for Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson to take just a tiny bit of weight off their shoulders. We know, we are fantastic.

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Kokonut Khloe Kardashian-Thompson ­– Set to be the #1 Halloween costume in 2018, we called it!

Krispy Kreme Kardashian-Thompson ­ ­– Celebrating her fave treat

Dough-knut Kardashian-Thompson  – Another treat related name…

South East Kardashian-Thompson – Get wrecked, North West

Todd Kraines Kardashian-Thompson – Because we love Todd!

Good American Kardashian-Thompson – Anything for that branding, y’all

Glaze Honey Kardashian-Thompson – Is this list meant to make me hungry?

Kookie Jar Kardashian-Thompson – Okay seriously, why so many food names?

Karamel Kardashian-Thompson – This one deserves serious consideration

Lil Lip Kit Kardashian-Thompson – Shout out to our girl Kylie and her Koko Collection

Revenge Body Kardashian-Thompson  – Shout out to my ex

Kocktail Kardashian-Thompson – I would love to see Kocktail’s reality show when she is older

Kampaign Kardashian-Thompson – Because amazing campaigns are bread and butter for the Kardashians

Bouquet Kardashian-Thompson – Or, if she’s really feeling herself, Boo-Kay

Glow Kardashian-Thompson – Because if anyone knows how to glow-up, it’s Khloe

Doll Kardashian-Thompson – If you haven’t said “doll” at least 19 times today, what’re you doing with your life?

Kisses Kardashian-Thompson – See above, replace “doll” with “kisses”

Good Goods Kardashian-Thompson – Good American got them good goods!

Skwad Kardashian-Thompson – #squadgoals

Koko Jnr. Kardashian-Thompson – You gotta love yourself

Kid-Kylie Kardashian-Thompson – Named after her fave sis

Ghetto Kween Kardashian-Thompson – Self-explanatory

Champagne Kardashian-Thompson – I feel like the only thing the family is missing is a kid called Champagne

Khlo$ Kardashian-Thompson – Named after Kylie’s iconic shade

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