Technology has now become so accessible that almost every person has an online presence. From businesses and brands to our next door neighbour, you can find out absolutely anything about anyone in just a few clicks. While it’s convenient when it comes to making connections, getting information, or simply getting to know someone whom you’ve just met, social media can hide some pretty big secrets, and create a façade that seems all too good to be true.

Karina Irby is the owner and founder of Australian swimwear brand Moana Bikini, the part-owner and founder of fitness program Bikini Body Burn, and an influencer and inspirational woman to over one million Instagram followers.

Image: Richard Kotch


While she’s incredibly inspiring due to her success at such a young age, Karina is also encouraging women all over the world to be comfortable and happy with their bodies and forget the filters and the photoshop.

Her swimwear brand, Moana Bikini, represents her carefree spirit and inspires those who wear it to feel confident when doing so. Karina tries to embody this philosophy herself by sharing real and raw images on her social media channels, purposefully pointing out her flaws and imperfections to all her followers to realise that it’s perfectly normal to not look like the models on Instagram.


Despite her confidence and bravado, Karina hasn’t always been like this and admits that she used to edit her photos herself when she first started out. Since then, she’s begun to take her own advice and no longer cares about what the
online trolls have to say.

“It’s truly liberating when you start doing things for yourself, taking actions for yourself and loving yourself just the way you are.”

While she understands it’s not as easy as flicking a switch, Karina believes the first step is to simply believe in yourself.

“I totally understand how people can get stuck in the negative feedback loop, especially when you throw social media comparison into the mix.

“Like learning anything, it’s about repetition and positive reinforcement.”


Since gaining such a large following, Karina is trying as hard as possible to incorporate her morals and views into the Moana brand. She wants both Moana and Bikini Body Burn to help girls all over the world feel and be the best versions of themselves and create an environment online that helps women completely and confidently be themselves.

“I’m passionate about females feeling safe, confident, and comfortable in their own skin.

“This is truly the meaning and goal behind Moana Bikini and Bikini Body Burn and is something I really strive for throughout both businesses, as well as through my social media account.”


Karina is proud to be a curvy woman, and voluntarily displays her scars and marks all over her body, which have been caused throughout her struggles with eczema. While she was once ashamed of them, Karina is now proud to flaunt who she really is and wants other girls to start to do the same.

“Social media is such a powerful tool, but people often focus on its power for negative reasons and its ability to promote unhealthy comparisons, but I think it’s just as powerful for positive reasons and I am really trying to reinforce that!”


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