Meet Joey Griffiths, Surf Photographer

Meet Joey Griffiths, Surf Photographer

Ride the big ones

By Georgie Murray | 27th March 2020

In our monthly print magazine, we often highlight a crush of ours. This time, it’s a blue crush. 

Photographer, Joey Griffiths jumped the shore from the Sunshine Coast to Bali and has been chasing waves ever since. Recently making a name for himself by capturing epic shots of professional surfers and locals alike, Joey’s snaps have made it onto billboards and magazine spreads for Stab Magazine, Billabong, Oakley and more. Meet the guy hanging ten behind the camera. 


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What’s the best way to describe your occupation?

That’s a tough one! Simply, photographer, but I hustle on the side and look after social media and online presence for a restaurant group here in Bali. 

How’d you end up in Bali?

I had been to Bali a few times and loved it. Then, in early 2016 I deferred from uni and figured I had enough money to live out here for maybe four months. Fast forward four years and this is definitely where I now call home. 

What was the original plan?

I was studying to become a high school geography and history teacher! 

Describe to us your normal day…

Fortunately, I don’t have a “normal” day often. On surf jobs we usually skip out of Bali to surrounding islands, so there’s a bit of prep before getting to the job. Are we flying? Or, packing a beat-up van full of boards and surfers and using Indonesia’s connecting ferry system to get somewhere? It can be quite a mission! With weddings or a restaurant shoot there are less variables. One day we’re swimming around crystal blue waters in North Sumatra and the next working with a chef back in Bali or hanging out with a couple documenting their wedding.


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What makes the perfect surf shot?
Weather and light play a huge part, then waves and location. I don’t think I’ve gotten the perfect shot yet but some I’m certainly proud of. 

How many photos would you take to get the winning shot?

I have swam out with a friend on sunset, had one wave before dark and nailed something and then other times, thousands. 

Bragging rights approved, what’s been your greatest achievement?

I’m unsure if I have anything worth really bragging about! I once hit a full court shot in basketball? 


For real, probably having my shot of Jack Freestone getting barreled in Sumbawa published on a Billabong billboard! Or, completely random – being published in Vogue Living. 

Give us your best surfer slang sentence!

“Was a coupl’a drainers on low, aye” or “Nah, I’m not going to party this trip, just surf, hey” – always a lie!

What’s next?
The surf season and wedding season is just around the corner, so will be balancing those two as best as possible. At the same time, two friends and I are starting a little accommodation project here in Bali, so that should keep us busy for the next year or so. 


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Article by Georgie Murray

Georgie is a Journalist with a knack for bad jokes and dating disasters. A total open book, there’s no topic off limits for this Rod Stewart enthusiast. Starting her career in Broadcast Journalism, Georgie has since gone back to basics of the written word with a particular love for taboo topics and fashion media.


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