Meet Vera Blue: The Fearless Female Taking On The World

Meet Vera Blue: The Fearless Female Taking On The World

Did someone say Lady Powers?

By Guest Styler | 29th March 2018

Somewhere between auditioning for The Voice in 2013 and selling out her nation-wide ‘Private’ tour, Vera Blue became a shining light for young, female Australian artists. Maybe it’s because of her spine-tingling voice, or perhaps the way she dances like no-one is watching when on stage with Flume.

Although both these things are undeniably true, we have an inkling that it’s much more than that. She’s unapologetically herself – both on and off the stage. With her 2017 album Perennial, Vera explored a unique kind of vulnerability about diving headfirst into writing her own heartbreak along with the behind-closed-doors moments and realisations that come afterwards.

“Vulnerability is something that’s really in itself super powerful, yet it’s something that a lot of people struggle to come to terms with and feel comfortable with,” she said.

Touring with the record and performing her tracks for live audiences has seen Vera come into her own and embrace the unique kind of strength that comes alongside vulnerability.

“Through writing the more recent songs like Lady Powers, I’ve found this inner strength that I didn’t know I had,” she said.

Vera Blue

Building on this strength, Vera Blue has just announced her latest project that is due out in April: a remix EP of her brazenly feminist pump-up track, Lady Powers. The EP features a host of talented female producers, such as Alice Ivy and Kodie Shane. Vera can’t get enough—and neither can we! The music video for Lady Powers dropped last week, and it’s giving us all kind of girl gang vibes.

“I really take my hat off to girls in the industry who can produce because it’s something that I’ve tried to do and it’s really hard. I’ll still give it a go of course, but there are lots of men that I’m surrounded by that are amazing at it and it’s really cool to see heaps of girls doing it too. There are powerful things going on in society with women this year, and stuff that’s happened with me as well. I think we can all just relate to it more and more,” she said.

Making the most of our time with Vera, we asked her a bunch of quick-fire questions to find out a little more about the small town gal from Forbes.

Which album track from ‘Perennial’ do you have a soft spot for?
Definitely ‘Said Goodbye to Your Mother’

If you could collab with anyone in the future who would it be?
Missy Elliot would be a dream.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
It would definitely have to be Nutella. I will eat it with a spoon. I don’t bring it on tour with me anymore because I would eat it all the time and need a new tub daily.

What’s your karaoke song?
Drop It Like It’s Hot

Who’s your fashion icon?

Alexa Chung

Favourite Australian label?
Alice McCall

It’s brunch time, what would you eat?
Smashed avo

What’s the first song you learnt to play on guitar?
White Horse by Taylor Swift

What are three things you can’t live without?
My friends, my guitar and chocolate

Describe yourself in three words

Dorky, honest and florally

Which remix of Lady Powers are you most excited about?
Alice Ivy

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Article by Guest Styler

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