We Interviewed Some Of Brisbane's Most Famous Doggos

We Interviewed Some Of Brisbane's Most Famous Doggos

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By Siobhan Taylor | 26th July 2018

I've interviewed many interesting people as a journalist. From Li Cun Xin to homegrown designers, local bands to tech-millionaires, it's been a wild ride. This month I decided to slow things down and interview some members of our community that don't often get a voice: my favourite local doggos.

Read on to discover what a few of our favourite fur-friends have to say about everything from their fave beaches to what they love about their owner.

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Barklee, @barkleeboy

Resident pup at Style Magazines

What breed are you: Cockerspaniel (mum says I’m Crossed with human?)
Favourite café in Brisbane: Ramekins Cafe
Favourite beach to visit: Noosa Dog Beach
Favourite snack: Dentastix, chicken and fish & chippies
Favourite past time: Napping & being handsome!
Activity on your bucket list: A road trip around Australia with mum
Describe your personality in three words: Funny, charismatic, cheeky, wise, playful, affectionate... Oh, and bad at maths
Favourite local spot to grab lunch: I’m a messy eater so probably my lounge room
“On Sunday you’ll find me…“: Napping in the shade at the beach and then Netflixing with mum
What I love about my owner: She feeds me, cuddles me, smooches me and loves me beyond words. She also says I’m the most handsome boy! 

Zara, @zara_the_greyhound

Retired professional athlete

What breed are you: I’m an elegant lady greyhound (a retired professional athlete, too).
Favourite café in Brisbane: Being a lady of class and taste I had my executive assistants open a café in Teneriffe, Kin and Co. I check in now and then to make sure the biscuits are of suitable quality and to show off my latest wardrobe addition.
Puppy clothes – yes or no?: YES! I have a lot of outfits but I need them to keep me warm in winter. Greyhounds have very thin fur and a lady needs options. It’s a bonus that I look fabulous in them. I always get stopped for photos!
Favourite past time: Making the humans get off the couch and sit on the floor so I can be more comfortable.
Activity on your bucket list: Sleeping on the humans’ bed as they gently fan me with palm fronds.
Describe your personality in three words: Teneriffe, New York and Paris 💅🏻
Favourite local spot to grab lunch: Zero Fox. Kimchi fries are great and I’m always trying to get a taste of Dad’s beer.
What I love about my owners: Before they adopted me I had a hard life racing, so I am grateful that they are letting me live my retirement out the Teneriffe way.

Kendrick, @lifeofkendrick

Resident doggo at FitazFk

What breed are you: Red Toy poodle
Favourite café in Brisbane: Melidrop (he runs the show over there) or Morning After, as the owner Yianni has my half-brother.
Favourite beach to visit: The Spit off-leash dog beach, calm side preferably as the waves are too big for my 2.5kg rig.
Puppy clothes – yes or no?: Absolutely!!! My two faves are; Red Hotdog Print Onesie, or my Fur Hood Coat!
Describe your personality in three words: Energetic, gangster, affectionate
Favourite spot in Brisbane: My Work - aka FitazFK!
Favourite local spot to grab lunch: Its not lunch, but for dinner there is a new food truck night that has opened recently in Albion where we live called 'The Black Market' and every Friday night they have food trucks set up and you can take dogs and let them roam through the whole place, inside and out!
What I love about my owner: That he can take me to work every single day and spoil me with Mr Teddy Bear Grooming hydro baths and haircuts!!

Sumo, @sumo.thebear

Official Mayor Of Coorparoo, Brisbane 👑

Breed: Chow Chow
Favourite cafe: Kin and Co in Teneriffe
Favourite beach: anywhere that doesn’t have scary waves!
Puppy clothes: No need – I rep my own bear coat!
Favourite past time: When mum and dad drive around with the windows down, I love the wind in my fur.
Personality: Stubborn, curious, character
Favourite spot in Brisbane: You’ll catch me at Mr Teddy Bear hanging out with my furrends
On a Sunday you’ll find me: Enjoying a “beer” in the sun with mum and dad
Love about my owners: They let me live my best life!

Montego, @life.of.montego

Full-time explorer

What breed are you: English Cream Golden Retriever
Favourite dog-park in Brisbane: Sweeney’s Reserve in Petrie
Favourite snack: Hugo’s Ice Creamery!
Favourite past time: When my pawrent picked me to come home with her at 8 weeks old 🐾
Activity on your bucket list: Paddleboard with my Mumma
Favourite spot in Brisbane: Anywhere my mum goes!! I am a very adventurous doggo, I do enjoy walking along the beach at Scarborough or even walking up Mt Cootha
“On Sunday you’ll find me…“: Attending Golden Retriever meet ups 🐶
What I love about my owner: My owner is super loving and always taking me on new trips and adventures! We are always exploring new places together and I wouldn’t trade my owner for the world! She’s my best friend and my Mumma 💗 I’m definitely a mummy’s boy 😜


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Article by Siobhan Taylor

Brisbane gal through and through, Siobhan is an avid cider-enthusiast and a keen believer in brunch (house deposit be damned). When she's not at the beach, she can be spotted lusting after makeup she can't afford, re-watching The Office (the US version, obviously) or annoying her friends with her insane astrology theories (she's an Aquarius, FYI).


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