Five Ways To Give Back To The Women In Your Life This International Women’s Day

Five Ways To Give Back To The Women In Your Life This International Women’s Day

Here’s to strong women: may we know them, may we be them and may we raise them.

By Sophie Venz | 26th February 2019

While Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to revel in your love for your partner and share your coupled-up happiness to the whole world, we also know there’s much more to love than just romantic relationships. That’s why we’ve decided that the fast-approaching International Women’s Day is the perfect opportunity to give back to all the wonderful and influential women in your, and the, world.

International Women’s Day is held annually on March 8 and is a globally celebrated event. It aims to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, while encouraging unity, reflection, advocacy and action. This International Women’s Day, you can find plenty of events all over Brisbane supporting the cause for a better world for girls. If you’re in the mood to celebrate the women you’re surrounded by, why not try spoiling a lovely lady with one of these ideas:


Couples massages aren’t reserved only for couples, they just need two people to be complete! Grab your best gal-pal and treat her to a day-out at Brisbane's best local day-spa's for a bit of pampering, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Our favourite picks for your spa-session are Stephanie’s Spa Retreat in the CBD, One Wybelenna in Brookfield, and Greenhouse The Bathhouse on the Gold Coast. While all of these venues have very affordable treatments and experiences, you may want to have the serenity without splashing much cash at all. If that’s the case, grab your favourite facemasks and put on your pyjamas, and have a day-in at the day-spa called home!


Romantic getaways are a must-do for couples who are all loved up, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on hitting the road with your ladies! Pack the car with all your favourite snacks, create a playlist that you’ll never stop wanting to sing-along to, and ask one (or all!) of your girls to jump in the car with you. Whether it’s an overnight getaway to the Sunshine Coast, a day-trip down to the Gold Coast, or a weekend-long adventure all the way to New South Wales, surprising your friends with a road trip is an awesome way to show how much you love them and their company!


Everyone loves an afternoon of wining and dining, and you don’t need a fancy restaurant to do it! For a brilliant day out in the almost-Autumn sun, plan a picnic with all of your ladies at any of the best spots in Brisbane. The way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach, so get everyone to bring a plate of their favourite food to make the picnic the most extravagant experience possible. For extra fun, have your girls over earlier in the day for a baking-fest to make the spread together!


No matter what your love language is, we highly doubt you’d be opposed to be receiving a letter filled with all the things your bestie loves about you – so why not write one for her?! Whether it’s a list of all her best qualities, a story of your favourite memories together, or a letter of gratitude for all of the hard times and good times that she’s stood by your side for, a love letter is the perfect present this International Women’s Day for all of the important women in your life. Plus, it’s completely free, and will fill you both with plenty of warm and fuzzies!


What better way to spend International Women’s Day than at an IWD with your closest women? There’s plenty of events happening in Brisbane, Australia, and all around the globe – because everyone loves to celebrate women! Choose from a volunteering event, a fundraising high-tea, or a talk from an inspirational woman in your local city; no matter what you’re after, there’s plenty of events for you to head to with your girl gang by your side!

So whether it’s your best friend from preschool, your grandma, or even your high school teacher and every lady in between, make sure you show them your love and gratitude this International Women’s Day – because every day should be dedicated to love, of every and any kind.

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Article by Sophie Venz

Soph is a Gold Coast girl born-and-bred, who thinks there’s always a reason to celebrate… or is just always looking for an excuse to drink champagne. If she’s not lost in a daydream or the latest bestseller crime novel, Soph is planning her next overseas adventure. She believes tea is the cure to everything and that cheese is a suitable meal replacement, and will never go a day without consuming a copious amount of them both.


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