The Hottest Interior Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

The Hottest Interior Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

Your home is your haven.

By Gracie Clough | 12th March 2019

We have only just entered the third month of 2019, but we can’t help but notice the interior decorating trends are coming in hot and fast. Thanks to the organisation sensation, Marie Kondo, we are now tossing out any household items that no longer spark joy and are have begun to rethink our décor choices while we are at it. Since there’s no better time to redecorate your home than after an astronomical clean out, we’ve teamed up with Homemaker The Valley to bring you all of the interior trends to watch out for in 2019!

Minimal Living

As we have established, we are currently living in a period of Marie Kondo-mania, so it’s no surprise that minimal living styles will continue to be seen throughout 2019. A common misconception with a minimalistic decorating style is that you have to stick with neutral tones. But, you can create the feeling of a minimalistic space with any colour palette you choose! The key is keeping your spaces uncluttered by using minimal décor – not just of a neutral colour scheme.

Interior Trends

ADAIRS Home Republic Empire Natural Basket $59.99, ADAIRS Home Republic Amalfi Tan Leather Cushion from $99.99, FREEDOM Wyclife Table Lap Brass Colour $49, ADAIRS Home Republic Monsteria Potted Plant from $99.99, ADAIRS Home Republic Malmo Linen Cushion Rose Pink from $59.99

Mixing Textures

This year, there will be a big focus on mixing and matching textures throughout your home. Think: velvet chairs with woven fabrics thrown across them and linen bedding with fluffy blankets. Mixing textures is a simple and effective way to instantly add more depth and dimension to a room, particularly for our short period of Brisbane winter weather.

Interior Trends

ADAIRS Home Republic Casablanca White Quilt Cover from $129.99, ADAIRS Home Republic Shell Beach Canvas Blush Sunset from $149.99, ADAIRS Home Republic Bohemian Artwork Terracotta Portrait Pose from $69.99, ADAIRS Mercer + Reid Canning Navy Velvet Occasional Chair from $799.99

Feminine Blush Tones

Although we still aren’t over millennial pink, this year we will see more of her big sister: dusty blush. Delicate dusty blush pinks and lilac tones are sophisticated, soft and feminine and can be incorporated into many decorating styles. Feminine blush tones pair beautifully with almost everything from gold accents and dark leather to bold prints and pastel havens.

Interior Trends

ADAIRS Mercer + Reid Dusty Pink Throw from $119.99, ADAIRS Mercer + Reid Kensington Collection Blanket Box in Rose Pink from $499.99

Prints: Florals & Animal

Whether you are a minimalist or already a maximalist, it’s time to be bold and embrace loud prints throughout your home this year! After all, what better way to let your creative juices flow than with some fun and loud décor? When it comes to prints, the sky is the limit. From soft neutral prints to bright and clashing colours, there is sure to be a print to suit every taste.

Interior Trends

ADAIRS Home Republic Akiki Spice Quilt Cover Set from $99.99, ADAIRS Home Republic Oakland Ottoman Mustard from $99.99, ADAIRS Home Republic Tanzania Bronze Cushion from $59.99, ADAIRS Mercer + Reid Ariel Velvet Chair Teal from $599.99, ADAIRS Home Republic Stonewashed Cotton Dijon Quilt Cover from $89.99, ADAIRS Home Republic Akiki Cushion Leopard from $29.99

Dark accents

From a black marble table, a charcoal bed or dark grey sofa seater, adding dark accents to your home is another interior trend we are sure to continue seeing more of in 2019. Dramatic dark accents are not only chic, but they are also a way to make your home feel cosy and multi-dimensional.

Interior Trends

FREEDOM WING Velvet Armchair $399, ADAIRS Home Republic Florence Breakfast Tray Blue from $69.99

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Article by Gracie Clough

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