The Insta-Famous FitazFK Gym Opens With A Touching Tribute

The Insta-Famous FitazFK Gym Opens With A Touching Tribute

Swapping likes for love

By Cloey Tenorio | 18th October 2017

From nothing but humble beginnings back in 2015 selling online fitness guides, the creative minds behind the now insta-famous account with 300k plus followers have turned their fitness movement into a physical venture.

It was nothing but a dream to begin with, but through a motivation to make that dream a reality, Brisbane friends and business partners, Aaron McAllister and Georgio Batsinilas, have officially opened the FitazFK Gym as of Monday, October 16.

Aaron, working alongside his wife and interior designer, Yasmin, spent months tirelessly planning, preparing, sourcing and designing in order to see this project come to life and elevate the couple’s online fitness success to the real world.

Aaron, however, witnessed the pair’s hard work come to fruition without his wife by his side as her life was tragically taken in a freak accident in Camp Hill on June 14, while she was walking to work.

“Yasmin and I wanted to build this gym together, and make it something really special. Now that she’s gone, it’s extra motivation for us,” says Aaron.


He knew he couldn’t give up and that his wife would’ve wanted him to carry on with the job, so, after a few tough months Aaron and Georgio joined forces to finally open the first FitazFK gym.

“Yasmin was such a talented designer, and her and Aaron’s plans have turned out better than we could of ever imagined,” says Georgio.

To commemorate his wife and all of the work and passion she invested into the gym, the 600sqm space features a larger than life mural of Yasmin created by locally and internationally renowned artist Lee Harden.

Overwhelmed by the support of the Brisbane community, Aaron and Georgio say they are lucky to have so many friends and family dedicated to helping make Yasmin’s vision come to life.


“The energy in the space is addictive, it’s so positive and we can’t wait for everyone to experience it. The space feels really special with Yasmin watching over us every day,” says Georgio.

The FitazFK gym will include a range of training and class options all based around the iconic Fitaz Functional Kinetics fitness method that has taken social media by storm.


Located under the Story Bridge at 101 Main St, Kangaroo Point, anyone and everyone is welcome to join up with memberships currently available at the FitazFK Gym website and gym reception.

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Article by Cloey Tenorio

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