As a fitness advocate, Tim Robards understands the importance of movement in achieving and maintaining a strong, healthy body. In addition to being a practising chiropractor, Tim is also a human biomechanics enthusiast, TV personality, speaker, inspired educator in health and wellbeing, and founder of The Robards Method.

Tim was initially inspired to pursue a career in health and wellbeing by his grandmother, Doreen, through her practice of Chinese massage. From an early age, Tim received regular massage treatment and realised the benefits of having a healing touch and a skill with your hands that you can use to help change people’s lives.

“I’ve recently been delving back into what inspired my vision and realised I may have underestimated the impact Doreen had on everything,” Tim says.

“Doreen was way ahead of her time. She always looked for the magic. When it comes to health, I guess I’m still always looking for the magic. There’s so much information out there, it’s hard to know who to trust and what to take. My grandma would always question instead of just following the heard.”

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Having worked for many years as a personal trainer, rehab provider and chiropractor, his passion is not just treating people’s pain, but mentoring them to better health and thriving in their environment. Armed with this wealth of knowledge and passion for helping others achieve optimal health, Tim will touch down in Brisbane later this month as he hosts a workshop with Wellspring Chiropractic at Function Well Gym in Newstead.

Generally, people see chiropractors for spinal conditions, but there is a range of other issues that could be treated by seeing a chiropractor. Whether it’s a sore knee or a bad back, it’s about getting to the cause of the issue. Inflammation plays a huge role in the way our bodies work and is something that your chiropractor can help manage.

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“For me, it’s something that makes me function at a better level. Just like going to the gym and eating well, chiropractry improves our quality of life,” he says.

“You either get busy living or get busy dying. Life is short. You get one crack at it, depending on what you believe in, you want to give it a good crack. So many could be getting more out of life, they’re only living at a fraction.”

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