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High-pressure positions, larger workloads, increasing KPIs, daydreaming about the career that got away – if any of this sounds like your work-life, take a look at the following six TED talks covering everything from changing your relationship with stress to finding happiness and the importance of long-term focus.

Whether you’re toying with the idea of jumping ship or are focused on moving up in your current organisation, we guarantee you’ll be inspired to work harder, smarter and towards what you really want after spending time with these six very wise and inspirational speakers.

On Passion

Get a shock to the system with this talk about putting away the back up plan and following your passion.

On Happiness

This talk is perfect if you’re looking for happiness in work or life in general. Delivered in an upbeat tone and fast pace – you may even come away with a few ideas on how to be a better public speaker!

On Stress

Stress is often referred to as the roadblock to productivity and creativity, and a catalyst for sickness. As it’s largely unavoidable in most work environments, it’s time to change your relationship with stress… starting with this talk… and begin using your reactions to stress as a tool to deal with stress.

On Concentration

If you’ve ever reached the end of the workday and realised, despite being busy all day, you haven’t achieved a thing, take a few notes from this talk on why work is often not a great place to do work.

On Career Progression

Understand how to move up in an organisation and achieve your career goals by looking beyond the known required leadership traits to what businesses really look for in top-tier workers.

On Long-term Planning

Gen Y may find it easier to get a job in 2030, but unless governing bodies and corporations begin preparations now, we’ll soon find a shortage of skilled workers and an increase in workload pressure for the employees who remain.

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