Here Are 7 Indoor Houseplants To Start Your Jungle Obsession

Here Are 7 Indoor Houseplants To Start Your Jungle Obsession

You can never have too many houseplants!

By Sierra Haigh | 26th November 2019

Everyone loves the idea of keeping houseplants to brighten up the home-space and give it a clean, green, and pleasing vibe. It can’t be that hard, right? It should be as simple as giving it a bit of water and some sun! Unfortunately, we don’t all have the green-thumb gift every Instagram influencer seems to have, and we struggle keeping our beloved plants as green as they should be. Luckily for us, there are plants out there perfect for our needs, and they don’t require an expert horticulturist to maintain!

Prayer Plant

Hold your prayers, you won’t need them to keep this plant alive! Simply place it amongst your other houseplants to help it maintain a humid environment. The pink underside of its leaves will add a pop of warmth amongst all the cool green shades of the other members of your indoor jungle. If it gets a little dry, feel free to sprinkle a little water on its leaves, but, because of the humidity the prayer plant thrives on, you really only need to water it every second week!


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Devil’s Ivy (Pothos)

If you’re looking to hide that chaotic mess of cords draping through the TV stand, look no further than a potted devil’s ivy! Its vines continue to grow and grow with each passing day, meaning your corded mess will be well-hidden and blended within the vines of this easy to keep houseplant! Perfect for brightening any space and purifying the air, this plant is ideal for filling an empty shelf or to drape across the wall. Best of all, this plant is known to thrive on neglect; just give it a drink of water every now and then to perk up its leaves and encourage new growth.


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Snake Plant

Add deep green tones to your home with a snake plant or two! Easy to maintain and stunning to look at, the snake plant is ideal for the budding gardener, houseplant enthusiast, or veteran horticulturist. It suits any space, and it’s super simple to take care of. Just wait for the soil to completely dry in-between each water. Yep, this means it won’t matter if you forget about it for a few days!


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Ponytail Palm

Here’s another plant that thrives on our inability to care for greenery! The ponytail palm requires indirect sunlight with the barest of water to grow. In fact, its sandy soils should be nearly dry! The only challenge involved with keeping the ponytail palm is remembering to not water it. Too much water, and you risk root-rot. To counteract this, simply put the plant in a quick-draining soil to ensure it doesn’t absorb too much hydration in one go. Don’t forget to pick a cute pot for your new plant to thrive in!


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Chinese Evergreen

Don’t have a lot of sunlight available? Not to worry, the Chinese evergreen has got you covered! Put this pink and green plant into a simple pot with plenty of potting mix, keep the soil damp on the surface and you’re good to go. It’s the perfect plant for a housewarming present, or a birthday gift. It can outlast nearly any condition! Heading away for a vacay? Don’t stress, this durable houseplant can last up to two weeks without water.


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Air Plant (Tillandsia)

Keep your décor on trend with any air plant of your choice! Unique and surprisingly easy to keep, air plants require literally no soil, meaning you can display them wherever and however you want! To water them, soak them in fresh water once a week for 30 minutes before letting them dry again.


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Aloe Vera

If you don’t have an aloe vera plant in your home yet, you’re seriously missing out. It’s super easy to keep; just give it plenty of sunlight and a drizzle of water every now and then! Not only does it make for a stunning addition to any shelf or surface you can fit it on, it’s also super useful. Sunburned? Got a dreaded mozzie bite? Snap off a piece of aloe vera and swipe the oozing gel onto the area for instant relief.


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Article by Sierra Haigh

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