Starting a business from scratch can be pretty tricky, and it can often be difficult to take it from an idea to a successful, profit-turning business. Brad Krauskopf, founder of coworking space, Hub Australia, has created spaces to help small businesses owners take the leap from kitchen bench to office. He, too, started as just a simple idea, but now takes pride in helping others to achieve their goals and grow their businesses.

When did you first have the idea to start Hub?

I first came across co-working in Madrid, Spain, in 2008 and immediately knew that I wanted to return to Australia after my MBA to start Hub.

How long did it take to get if off the ground?

It was 12 months until we opened our first site, but six years to figure out a model!

Who was your support network during this time?

Customers, staff and family.

What has been your biggest motivator?

Coworking works! Seeing thousands of businesses grow, in part because of Hub, is just amazing.

What was your biggest setback?

Constantly needing to raise more money than expected.

Were there any moments when you felt like giving up?

I never wanted to give up, but there were definitely times when it felt impossible. Perseverance is what solves it.

What was the definitive “success” moment for you?

Seeing the customers grow their own successful businesses, and hearing that the reason Hub was so valuable for them was because it helped them attract and retain staff. When they became successful, we became successful.

What do you find most rewarding now that the business is up and running?

Getting to work with a great team that attracts great talent

What’s the best thing about starting your own business?

Creating something that was not there before – value, jobs, impact.

Who is Hub for?

Growing businesses that want to work in an amazing space and attract the best talent in Brisbane.

Tell us about the new Hub in Brisbane

Hub Anzac Square will be the first large scale, premium coworking space in Brisbane. We call it a home for businesses to grow! With a range of private and collaborative options for teams of 1-28, Hub Anzac Square includes a café, rooftop, end-of-trip facilities with towel service, podcast room, relaxation spaces, fitness room and an extensive kitchen. All members will be able to connect with local business and wellness programming, as well as the rest of the national Hub community of businesses and spaces.

Where do you plan to take Hub in the future?

Continue to create an even better place to work, grow out the national network of spaces and people, and deepen the value we provide to members to grow their business

Any advice for those of us with big dreams, but are struggling to get started?

Find a market that you think is about to be disrupted.

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